Friday, August 14, 2009

Insurance Mavs On Gravitational Marketing's WTF

Our friends Brett and Ethan get down to bidness with those crazy Gravitational Marketing dudes and offer us some very good advice on using video to attract leads...
Check out more videos and tips at the Gravitational Marketing Website:

Also, you can learn lots from the Insurance Mavericks. Visit their website at:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Social Media Stinger Strategy

Some of you will really benefit from Jim and Travis' approach to social media... If you like what you see.. get on the mailing list at:

Friday, August 7, 2009

From Shama- 10 Surefire Ways to LOSE Twitter Followers

How to Lose a Follower in 10 Tweets – or Less

by Shama Kabani

Everyone is talking about how to get Twitter followers – but do you know the fastest way to lose them? Here are 10 bullet proof tweets to make someone unfollow you. Fast!

1) Get 30,000 followers overnight! Click here !!!!

2) Do NOT Pay For Teeth Whitening!!! Learn the trick discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white for $5.

3) Day 1: Trying out this tweeter thing…. Day 3: Sign up for my social media course today and you too can be an expert!

4) F***. Bootie. F***.

5) Hey BFF like F4EVE is so MIA like RN

6) Real Estate available in your town!!! Check out this property for peanuts.

7) Mom Makes $63 Per Hour and $5,500 a month Online From Home! Read Her Story Here To Find Out How To Do It (even YOUR mom may unfollow you after this one…)

8) Want to lose fat fast? We know you hate your abs! Click here!

9) D-M @Dopey I HATE @Sleepy. Oops! that DM ended up being public.

10) Today is my birthday. Please help me get more followers. Please RT! Please?! Pretty please?

We promise that a combination of these tweets above, applied consistently over time can help you reach 0 followers in no time! No need to thank us. Gift baskets appreciated.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009