Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grouchy's Referral Kick..

Tracking Down the Good Stuff- It's Grouchy, MD (Marketing

Submitted for your approval, the latest GOLDMAIL on referrals:
"Six Ways to Increase Your Referability"

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How to automate and streamline your referral marketing efforts so you can put in less time for much bigger results.

PLUS... Following the discussion of best referral strategies, we will demonstrate an automated system that will put your referral marketing on automatic pilot!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

In Memorium...

PITTSBURGH - Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist whose "last lecture" about facing terminal cancer became an Internet sensation and a best-selling book, died Friday. He was 47.

Randy Pausch was my "sensei" for life. I watched and re-watched his video many times over the past year as I struggled with various challenges in my life. The world is a sadder place without him. If you haven't watched his amazing "Last Lecture," yet, you should.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ultimate Referral Webinar Revisited

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

If you have ANY interest in developing an automated referral system for your business and in doing something which will set you apart from other professionals, you won't want to miss the webinar. (free when you use the FAN VIP CODE 50147)

The Ultimate Referral Webinar With Sid Walker and David Frey CODE 50147

So many people emailed us asking if we could repeat this presentation, that we decided to do it one more time. (hopefully there won't be any technical difficulties)

I'd love to see you. This program introduces the first component of the STOP (Stay in Touch or Perish) program that I mentioned last month. It will also give you some insights on the referral process in general, with some tips and strategies to implement right now.

Sid Walker

Sales Performance Coach
Sid Walker
will host Referral Marketing Guru:
David Frey

Join us for this
LIVE 90-Minute Webinar

David Frey

Thursday, August 7, 2008

12pm PT/AZ
1pm MT 2pm CT 3pm ET

Cost $79.95 FREE! with VIP Code: 50147

YES, I want to STOP begging for referrals and START getting all the referrals I can handle! VIP CODE 50147

By attending this webinar, you will learn...

New ways to get more referrals easily and inexpensively that result in new income.

How to get people sending you referrals without having to ask for them face to face.

Quick and inexpensive ways to have more "touches" with clients and centers.

How to automate and streamline your referral marketing efforts so you can put in less time for much bigger results.

PLUS... Following the discussion of best referral strategies, we will demonstrate an automated system that will put your referral marketing on automatic pilot!

If you're serious about getting more referrals, and spending as little time and money as possible to do it, this webinar will be well worth your time!


VIP CODE 50147

Click Here to Register for the Ultimate Referral Marketing Webinar

If for any reason the above link doesn't work,
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To attend this webinar for FREE you need a VIP Code, which is 50147

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Six Essentials for Networking

By Christine Comaford
CEO, Mighty Ventures

Networking is about creating an extended family.

It’s about developing connections, caring about people, increasing the size of your “tribe.” Here are a few networking essentials from my book Rules for Renegades:
How to Make More Money, Rock Your Career, and Revel in Your

1. Practice “Palm Up” Networking. When you network, are you giving, or
grasping? Palm up networking embodies the spirit of service, of
giving and wanting nothing in return. When you network “palm down”
you’re grasping for personal gain. Palm up = heart-oriented interaction.
Palm down = greedy grasping.

Which attitude results in building relationships, providing value, and ultimately bestows benefits on both parties? You guessed it. The universe has a perfect accounting system. Give to others, it’ll all come back to you in time.

2. Do Daily Appreciation. Appreciate at least one person daily. Sometimes I do
this via e-mail so I can be thorough. And often, to my delight, the recipient will
tell me that they are saving the message for when they need a pick-me-up.
You can also express appreciation over the phone or in person.
Simply tell someone how much you appreciate who they are, what they do,
whatever about them moves you. They’ll be flattered and you’ll feel great.

3. Equalize Yourself with Others. I believe we all have one unit of worth,
no more, no less. No one can add to it, no one can take it away. We’re all equal.
Just because someone is powerful, rich, famous doesn’t mean they are better than you.

Practice equalizing yourself with others—this will enable you to more comfortably interact with others, and to reach out to people of all walks of life.

4. Rolodex Dip. This is a fun practice when you want to connect with someone but aren’t sure who . Flip through your contact database and pick a name. Then think of all the things you like about them. Now call them up to see how they are doing.
They’ll be surprised and delighted.

5. Pick a “Sensei of the Day”: Each day I pick a sensei, a teacher.
This is someone who has taught me a lesson or reminded me of something
important in life. Your sensei can be a person, a pet, a plant, it doesn’t matter.

The important thing is to acknowledge that there is much to learn and you are being offered valuable lessons constantly.

6. Do the Drive-By Schmooze. Parties, conventions, groups of all sorts are great
opportunities to network, but sometimes you’ll be tired, not in the mood, or
have too many events in one evening (like during holiday season!). This is when
you’ll want to use the Drive-By Schmooze. Here’s how:

a. Timebox your networking. Decide that in 30 minutes you’ll do a check-in to determine if you need to stay any longer.

b. Set your goal. Determine the number of new connections you want to establish. Remember, your goal is meaningful connections, not simply contacts.

c. Let your intuition guide you. OK, this may sound flaky, but it works! Stand near the door, in a corner, out of the way. Stop your thoughts. Internally ask to be guided to the people you need to connect with. Then start walking. You’ll be amazed at who you meet.

d. Connect. You’ll always resonate with someone at an event. When you do, ask questions about them, such as: How did you get started in your field? What’s your ideal customer? We all love to talk about ourselves, and these questions will not only help you form a connection with this person, but will also tell you how to help them.

e. Offer help and follow through. If you can provide help, jot down ideas on the back of their business card, commit to follow up, and then do it. If you’ve had a fruitful conversation and want to take it further, offer to meet for lunch or coffee. People say life is 90% about showing up. Nonsense! Life is 90% about following through!

For more tips and helpful info on networking, see the Cool Resources section on
Christine is CEO of Mighty Ventures (, an innovation accelerator which helps businesses to massively increase sales, product offerings, and company value.

She has built and sold 5 of her own businesses with an average 700% return on investment, served as a board director or in-the-trenches advisor to 36 startups, and has invested in over 200 startups as a venture capitalist or angel investor.

Christine has consulted to the White House (Clinton and Bush), 700 of the Fortune 1000, and hundreds of small businesses. She has repeatedly identified and championed key trends and technologies years before market acceptance. Christine’s best selling book, Rules for Renegades, is available now on or wherever books are sold.

You can get loads of free business building tools and subscribe to the FREE RENEGADE NEWS by going here and clicking on the "Rules for Renegades" tab.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grouchy's Value Meal

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone
Grouchy Marketing Lady.Com

"Thatsa A- One Spicy Meatball!"

Many have commented, and a few have complained, about my apparent attention deficit disorder.

I mean, I seem to go from one binge to another, bringing you a continuous stream of information about all manner of things related to sales and marketing. However, rest assured dear fellow entrepreneurial adventurers, there IS a method to my madness. Besides, variety is the spice of life, isn't it?


Don't Know Much, But What I Do Know IS...

There are a number of genuine experts in the marketing world, as well as a lot of wanna-be's. "Ye shall know them by their hype." I don't consider myself an expert in anything other than finding connections, often between seemingly incongruous ideas, methodologies, and systems. As author and lecturer James Burke says, "There is always a connection but, if the link has never been made before, nobody knows its there." Right on- JAMES!

And in the more recent words of comedian Ellen Degeneres, "My point, and I DO HAVE ONE, is..."

GrouCHY-Harmony: For Advisors and the People Who Want to Love Them

They love your wallet sure, they love funneling away bits of your commission checks, but do they really care if you get anything out of the experience? Are these experts willing to do what it takes to ensure that when advisors buy their products and services that they get AT LEAST what they paid for (and hopefully a lot more)?

Ignore your mother: BE A TATTLETALE

I have an understanding with anyone with whom I choose to enter into an affiliate or partner system: If they do not fulfill their promises and obligations to anyone referred by me, I will cease doing business with them that minute unless they make it right. PERIOD. It's not about money- it's about the more valuable commodity of reputation and trust.

That said, if you have any problems (no issue is too small) with anyone to whom I referred you, please send a detailed email outlining the issue to I promise to do whatever it takes to make it right, up to and including opening my industrial sized can of WHOOPASS, if necessary.

The Rule of Thirds Is At Work: Just Ask Britney Spears

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, my buddies at Gravitational Marketing, talk a lot about the "rule of thirds." Simply stated, the rule of thirds is that one third of your intended audience will love you, one third will hate you, and another third will tread the thin line between love and hate. I have had to learn to be somewhat impervious to the slings and arrows of the third who hate me. I have learned the hard what that trying to be all things to all people is really a Sisyphus kind of endeavor- laborious, stress-producing, and an endless source of frustration. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Even financial advisors need to know how to use the rule of thirds to avoid becoming as imbalanced as Britney Spears on Red Bull and vodka.

Referral Reluctant? I Have A Plan

I mentioned before that I was working on a STOP (Stay in Touch or Perish) program. Well, leg one was launched yesterday when I introduced 100 of you savvy people to the possibilities of the Ultimate Referral System at the David Frey/Sid Walker referral webinar. This is way cool and if you have a desire to AUTOMATE the referral process in a creative, fun way- check out

Or: download my "How in the World Do I Get More Referrals?" Goldmail. It will give you some good ideas and it is only ten minutes long. Be sure your speakers or headphones are connected.

There will be two more LEGS of the STOP program- to be announced. But, you can get a pre-launch jump on the other advisors by emailing at You'll be added to the short list of BETA TESTERS at a better than retail price point.

ciao for now,


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Return of the FREE Webinar

Sid Walker and Internet Marketing SUPERSTAR David Frey are teaming up for what I Think is the ULTIMATE REFERRAL webinar.

The system they have created is nothing short of spectacular. I use it myself and can honestly say it is the most fun part of my daily marketing routine. Even if you are a technology-challenged person or if you HATE drip marketing, this will be a lot more fun than anything you've tried before.

Join us WED. July 16th
NOON PACIFIC, 2pm Central and 3PM Eastern

The webinar is no cost, but only if you register and use VIP CODE 50147. Go to . Even if you cannot attend in person, you can register and get on the mailing list for the next event.

You really don't want to miss this!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How To Plant Seeds To Get More Referrals

by Bill Cates
Referral Coach International

When I deliver my Unlimited Referrals® Marketing System to financial professionals, I start out by saying, "Raise your hand if a client has ever said this to you: ‘I gave your name out to a friend the other day, was that OK?'" Essentially, all hands go up.

Then I say, "Shame on you for not ensuring that all your clients know you appreciate their help in bringing your value to others."

You can get referrals from clients and prospects without even asking. All you need to do is plant seeds into their unconscious mind and watch them go to work for you. Planting a seed can even develop into a referral conversation right on the spot. The following article provides four ways to plant these powerful referral seeds with prospects and clients.

No. 1: Celebrate meeting a new prospect through a referral.

Every time you meet a new prospect through a referral, celebrate it. Talk about the person you know in common. Tell them, "It's great that Tom introduced me to you. When people see the value in the work I do and introduce me to others, everyone feels more comfortable, and it frees me up with more time to spend with my clients. Does that make sense?"

No. 2: "Don't keep me a secret."

Mitch, a registered rep in Cleveland, never leaves a meeting with a client or prospect without saying, "Remember, don't keep me a secret." I encouraged Mitch to use that personal slogan as a post script on letters and handwritten notes. He told me that after doing this for about three months, his phone started to ring off the hook with referrals.

Why? Because his referral seeds took root and his clients weren't keeping him a secret. I've had a number of producers report great success with this tactic, and there are a number of ways to use it. Some producers tell their clients, some put it in their e-mails, and some even put it on their voicemail messages.

No. 3: I'm never too busy."

Tell all your clients that you're never too busy to see if you can help their friends, colleagues or family members. Notice I put "to see" in the seed. If you have a focused practice and they refer someone to you who doesn't fit the focus, refer them to one of your colleagues who needs the business. Tell your client, "After speaking with Mary, I realized that one of my colleagues is in a better position to serve her." We must always qualify the referrals we get and teach our clients who we serve the best.

No. 4: Model the best way to give referrals.

You can assure yourself of higher quality referrals by how you give referrals. Let's say you're referring an attorney to your client who needs to draft a will. Don't just give out a name and phone number - get permission for the attorney to call your client. Say something like, "I'll have Mack give you a call to get this started."

Ultimately, this serves Mack, it serves your client because they finally finish their will, and it serves you. Then, call your client in a few days to make sure Mack has called and everything is going smoothly.

By giving a referral this way, you've done two things. First, you've demonstrated the power of referrals when handled with care. Second, you've modeled the best way to give a referral. When it comes time for your client (or Mack) to give you referrals, you've shown them the best way to do so. Remember, if you help others make a great connection, they'll do the same for you.

Finally, it's also important that you're not obnoxious about asking for referrals, and it's equally important that you find soft ways to keep the topic lively and in people's field of awareness. Planting referral seeds will do that. Also, planting seeds in this way often helps you identify folks who are willing the play the referral game quickly in the relationship.

Bill Cates is a trusted source for referral coaching and training for financial professionals. His bestselling books, "Don't Keep Me A Secret," and "Get More Referrals Now!" have taught thousands of advisors how to invigorate their businesses and get their lives back through the power of referrals. He has partnered with FAN to provide his self-study programs at great discounts. Go to

Monday, July 7, 2008

7 Things You Can Never Say In An Advertisement

by Jimmy Vee
Gravitational Marketing

That is if you want it to be effective. Here it is. It’s not funny…but it’s real.

  1. One Stop Shop: People don’t buy everything all at once. At any given time they are interested or can be persuaded to want one thing for a very specific reason. You may be a one-stop shop but that’s not really a selling benefit in most cases. It’s actually a deterrent. Too many choices lead to fewer sales. Once someone becomes a customer, it’s fine to let them know you do and sell other things they may need. But in an advertisement you should be focusing on one thing, to one very specific group of people.

  2. [My Company] Can: Who cares! People do business with people, not companies. If given the choice they would choose to do business with family or friend first. Why? Because they are looking for confidence and value and only a human being can deliver that on a personal level. Speaking in corporate speak doesn’t help you create a personal connection. So write your ad like you’d write to your wife or husband when you’re on an extended trip.

  3. We’re The Best: Unsubstantiated clich├ęs don’t Gravitate, Captivate, Invigorate or Motivate (4 steps to Gravitational Marketing) anyone. This is just ego-nonsense and lazy writing. Generics like this phrase don’t really deliver anything concrete that can be used as a buying preference. It’s just hyperbole. Make statements that are detailed, factual and have a reason why. Back up your claims with proof and your selling argument will have substantially more power.

  4. Good Quality and Good Service: People aren’t looking for good service and good quality. They are looking for much more than that. And they expect good quality and excellent service from you. Do you think someone is making a choice and thinking "I hope they have good quality products and good service?" No, they expect it and if it isn’t delivered they get upset. Saying you deliver something someone expects isn’t very alluring or motivating. If the quality of your product or service is better than normal then you better be able to describe why it’s better, how it’s better and how you will guarantee your customer will experience the high degree of quality or service.

  5. Got…?: This is a over used headline from a big brand advertiser that so many small businesses and entrepreneurs like to steal and use for their own. We once had a pest control client that used it. “Got Termites?” That was it. This is a lazy marketers way out of having to create a powerful marketing message that works. Avoid copying what you see the big, wasteful companies doing on their scented, glossy prints ads and TV spots. Most of it isn’t test or designed for direct response purposes. It’s meant to build a brand. Us guys don’t have time or resources to build a brand. We need to attract leads and customers today with every dollar we spend. If you want to do that, keep things like “Got Waste?” out of your ads.

  6. Your Company Name: This is a bit of an exaggeration. In many cases your company name should be in your ad but I’ve included this here because so frequently the company name is used incorrectly in the ad. Often placed at the top of an ad as a headline. No one cares about the name of your company especially until after you’ve given them a reason to care. First you must demonstrate how you can help them solve their problems, then they “might” care what your company name is. A person’s name is always more important than a company name because people do business with other people. They relate to one another and they create bonds and have feelings for other people. That doesn’t happen with companies.

  7. Timidity: People with a pain and people looking for a solution to their problems are in desperate need of someone to help them rid them of the pain or show them a solution. They are looking for a leader. Someone who is confident and will provide value for the money they ask in return. They are looking for a sheppard who can lead them to safety and to a better place with green grass and shelter. In order to help your prospects you need to caapture their attention and respect. You do this by exuding confidence and telling prospects exactly what to do next. Being timid in your advertising doesn't accomplish this goal. Being wishy-washy about what to do next or how to take the next step doesn't help anyone. You must be straight forward, clear and deliberate in telling the prospect what actions you want them to take now.
P.S. If you haven't already taken the free trial of the Newton Network you need to do it now. Creating a bad ad that includes some of the mistakes I've listed in the above blog post are deadly and can cost you thousands of dollars on a regular basis. Don't continue to be a victim. Take the Newton Network Trail and get $539.00 in f're'e marketing and customer attraction information.

Do it now. It's $9 for two months and a bunch of free stuff.

Get it at

Friday, July 4, 2008

Event Marketing- It Can Pay Off In A Big Way!

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

"I got to meet with a businessman I never would have met otherwise," enthused advisor STAN J. of the St. Louis area.

Stan participated in RAY VENDETTI's event marketing webinar last May. Not content to just say "Show me!"- he went out and scheduled himself for two events shortly after the webinar.

Stan took Ray's ideas and (gasp of disbelief!) DID SOMETHING with them, something that resulted in leads and appointments galore. He phoned me prior to the first event and we went over the checklist together in detail. Stan didn't want to overlook even the minor details- SMART GUY!

He also did what I encourage ALL of you to do- he took the ideas he learned on a webinar and put his own unique spin on them. In other words, he made these golfing events into a "Stan Brand," and came up with some ways to make himself into a PROSPECT MAGNET. A crucial element in his success was him going out of his way to make sure everyone HAD FUN.

"The results were great. I generated tons of warm leads- the kinds of people I want to do business with and I am still making appointments. Also, we had a great time!" he said.

Stan's dedication to making his the EVENTS TO TALK ABOUT in the community paid off in other ways as well. It got him free publicity, positioned him as entertaining and fun guy, and paved the way for him to be INVITED to do these events at other venues.

See folks- if you actually APPLY some of the knowledge you take in, if you DO the things you are asked to do and make a commitment- you can get some pretty sweet results.

To paraphrase Jim and Travis of Gravitational Marketing. " The REAL secret of the Law of Attraction is the action part." Don't just be hearers, be DO-ERS as well.

If you would like to find out more about event marketing, or if you missed Ray's presentation and want to get yourself a copy, call 978-633-7140. Leave your FULL contact information, including daytime phone number and I will call you.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


by Mark Satterfield
Gentle Rain Marketing

Since my wife and I spent a long time on a ship last week, it got me
thinking about how the cruise industry markets itself and what
differentiates one cruise line from another. Not surprisingly, the "low-hanging
fruit" answer is to target certain segments of the market. Disney
appeals to families with young kids, Carnival's niche is younger, often
single, vacationers.

But what about Princess vs. Royal Caribbean vs.
Norwegian? On the surface they seem pretty much the same. Big boats. Same
ports of call. But when one looks a bit more deeply, it's apparent that
there are some valuable marketing lessons that are applicable to all of

And that lesson revolves around INNOVATION of Service Offers...

For example take Princess Cruises, which was the line we were on. One
of things that many people (myself included) dislike about cruises is
the tradition of being assigned to a table to sit at for meals. For the
entire trip, these are the people you dine with. Believe me when I tell
you that this can be a rather dreary experience.

I'm not sure why no one else thought of it before, but Princess
introduced a short time ago a concept called "Anytime Dining". You can eat
early or late. Sit with others or by yourselves.

In other words, you have options. And this is the important lesson
that's applicable to us all.

Princess identified something that people did not like about cruising,
and turned it into a positive by offering an innovative service.

Perhaps in retrospect it appears obvious, but we often get so tied up
in "This is the way we do things here" that we overlook simple and
relatively easy ways to make our clients' experiences better and as a result
differentiate our services.

Reducing the "Hassle Factor" is an excellent way to think about what
types of new services you might offer your clients. What can you offer
that eliminates it?

For example, in my world, the big hassle is actually getting a
marketing campaign implemented. Which is why I offer two programs (coaching and
consulting) for those people who would benefit from "hands-on"
assistance in turning motivation and ideas into reality.

It's extremely rare to find someone like myself, who is a prolific producer of marketing
information products, who also offers a free consultation to any of my
readers. And unlike many of my peers, I don't fob off my clients to junior
coaches or cub-copywriters. (By the way I'm looking for one more
consulting client-in which I take a small retainer and earn most of my fees
through results-so if you have significant growth objectives let me
know and we can set up a time to TALK.)

NOTE: The top 5% of consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs
always seem to have more business than they can handle. Why? Because they
do certain things DIFFERENTLY than the average Joe. If want to learn
how to boost your business and GET PROSPECTS CALLING YOU, request your
FREE Gentle Rain Coaching Consultation.