Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creating Expectation in Others

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turning Friends and Connections into Business – the Social Revolution

by Dean Deslisle
Forward Progress, Inc.

It’s funny, most of us have been doing some of this since the beginning of time, however we get on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN or our Blogs, and we get stuck.

Why is that? I think we forget it’s OKAY to do business with our friends, and it’s OKAY to do business with our friends’ friends. However, there are techniques and guidelines which you do need to follow.

It will vary by type of business, but there are some simple conversion techniques that you can use that will work just fine.

1. Do not be ALL business ALL the time!

2. Provide items of VALUE when posting or connecting.

3. Find people who have similar interests – not like EVERYONE!

4. Make sure you connect to others’ posts and make them feel connected.

5. Always make sure you reply to folks who are SPEAKING to you!

Then, when you are connecting and it seems and feels right – set the hook – ask for the meeting or the call – take it OFFLINE! People are online all the time; if there is a connection and you can help them, talk about it, set the meeting and have a date! We have all been doing this for centuries – stop making it so hard!

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