Friday, November 30, 2007

RIA Teleconference Update...

Thanks to all of you who joined us for the RIA IN A BOX teleconference
with Zach Gronich.

Zach gave us a to-the-point overview of the process involved in setting up your own RIA and becoming an IAR.

With five years experience in setting up RIA's, Zach answered frequently asked questions and discussed doing it yourself versus using a consulting company to do the setup.

If you didn't get the chance to listen in here are some options:

Listen To "So You've Decided to Become An RIA" On Your Phone... (NOTE: This option is available for a limited time only)

Dial - (641) 715-3443
Enter Access Code - 247444#


If you have iTunes™ or an RSS client, you can listen to your recording from there. You simply copy one of the links below and insert it into your client (depending on which client you use). When you have a new recording available, your client will notify you.
iTunes Link:RSS

Downloads: If you want a .wav recording- please send an email to:


If you have
decided to go the RIA route but don't want to hassle with the paperwork- you can have RIA IN A BOX do it all for you and save 15%.

Order consulting services from them by DECEMBER 31st and you will get 15% off.

You must use the following website and put TAMBLOG in the "organization field" on the order form in order to get the discount. If you elect to call first, be sure to mention the blog or teleconference in order to get the special pricing.


SAVE 15%

  • FINRA Entitlement
  • Form ADV Part I (online)
  • Form ADV Part II (paper)
  • One Form U-4
  • Investment Advisory/Financial Planning Contract
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Privacy Policy Statements
  • Complete Written Polices and Procedures Manual
  • Chief Compliance Officer Training
  • Free On-Going Compliance Officer Support

    *** No Templates! We Fill Everything Out For You! ***

  • Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    RIA IN A BOX Teleconference Dial In Information

    If you have not yet registered for the "SO, You've Decided
    to Become an RIA"
    Teleconference with Zach Gronich, CPA, of
    RIA IN A BOX (
    please do so with the form on the right hand
    side of the blog.

    I just need your name and email so I can send you the offer
    codes and other information.

    The call will be approximately 30-35 minutes long.
    When you enter the conference, please announce
    yourself and then MUTE your line until question
    and answer time.

    Normal long distance charges
    apply but no other charges.

    RIA IN A BOX Teleconference
    Friday, November 30th
    Noon Pacific, 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern

    Conference Dial-in Number: (616) 597-8000
    Participant Access Code: 247444#

    Monday, November 26, 2007

    RIA Teleconference November 30 & Phoenix Workshop!

    Just a reminder:

    RIA IN A BOX Teleconference
    with Zach Gronich
    Friday, November 30th
    12 Noon Pacific, 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern

    To register: send an email to:

    Numbered List



    FAN is excited to sponsor a two-day Bumper-to-Bumper
    Business-Building Workshop with Katherine and Peter Vessenes.

    If you are serious about growing your business in 2008
    and want a practical,affordable strategy for doing so-
    you will want to be in Phoenix January
    28-29, 2008.

    For a brochure and special disount code-
    email me

    This is definitely something you will not
    want to miss.

    As always, FAN readers will receive a special


    If you've ever been asked the question, "So, what do you do?"
    and been at a loss as to how to respond in an exciting, creative
    way, you'll want to get Mark's new mini webinar: "How to Create A
    Great Elevator Pitch."

    Find out more at:


    Planning your 2008 seminar schedule now?

    Then you will want to get Seminar Direct's free
    planning calendar:

    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    Wealthy Producer? Sigh...........

    Several people recently forwarded an email to me asking about this "new" lead system from a certain Mr. Brad Hinson and others at ""

    Let's set the record straight: this is not a new lead system- it is the same old stuff from NF Communications-Klein/Javelin-Klein.

    I would LOVE to see new "testimonials" from this system, some verifiable advisors who have made lots of money with no effort- just sitting around waiting for those FRESH HOT leads to flow in from the Internet.

    It is possible that one or two people got lucky; after all even a blind person can hit a target if they spray enough bullets around. What I would like to hear, however, is a true tale from someone that gets one appointment for every ten or so of those hot internet leads- CONSISTENTLY.

    Instead, on the senior lead page we have the same exact fauxmonials they had in the NF days. One of the testimonials showing on the page is from someone I have actually MET who told me that not only was the quote used out of context, it was not used with permission. More tellingly, the same person told me that they stopped the lead program shortly after they started because the leads were of dubious quality, especially factoring in time wasted in followup.

    I have an intimate knowledge of this system and think you would be a lot happier and meet better types of clients (often for free) by learning a few simple prospecting techniques.

    In the coming months, I will be doing a series on how you can accomplish that most onerous of tasks- prospecting-without breaking the bank and without stressing yourself out. I will be sharing with you real case studies, real advisor methodologies and introducing you to people who will freely share their insights and experience.

    Sign up for a webinar or two and perhaps it will stimulate your own idea factory. Then you can be the one who comes up with the next great innovation in lead generation.


    Friday, November 23, 2007

    MARK YOUR CALENDARS- Upcoming Events

    Lots of great people will be visiting with us here at FAN in the coming months and you won't want to miss a single event. Here is what we have lined up so far:.

    BECOMING AN RIA- THE NEXT STEP- with Zach Gronich, CPA- founder and CEO of RIA IN A BOX.

    12 Pacific 2Pm Central 3Pm Eastern

    This is a TELECONFERENCE (so you won't even need to be on the internet) and is designed for those of you who have already decided to become RIA's or IAR's. It is NOT an attempt to pursuade you to do so. This teleconference will help you decide if it is worth it to hire a consultant versus doing all the paperwork yourself.

    To Register:
    Use the form on the right hand side of this blog or send an email to


    Thursday, DECEMBER 6TH
    12PM Pacific, 2PM Central, 3 PM Eastern

    Register soon! https:/ /

    KATHERINE VESSENES will be here on December 12th (9AM Pacific, 11 Central, 1PM eastern)

    How to Make More Money By Giving Your Clients and Prospects a WOW Experience

    Wed, Dec 12, 2007 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST, 11AM Central and 12 Noon Eastern

    January 8, 2008(?): Doug Dixon from Seminar Direct: SEMINAR MISTAKES THAT COULD BE COSTING YOU MONEY! (to be confirmed soon- stay tuned to the blog)

    January 9th David Miller of Pareto Platform (topics and times to be announced)

    January ???- Malcolm Kushner on the art of "Using Humor to Enliven Any Presentation"

    If you have any topics you would like to see addressed or guests you'd like me to invite- please send suggestions to


    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    I'm Bringing Classy Back

    Katherine Vessenes, "High Priestess of Compliance" and the" Miss Manners for Financial Folks" has agreed to carve an hour out of her always-overbooked life and do a webinar for FAN. I hope you will enjoy hearing Katherine as much as I have. You don't want to miss this one- I can personally testify that she "walks the talk." (K: I am still marveling over the matching wicker and towels rolled with military precision..-td)

    How to Make More Money By Giving Your Clients and Prospects a WOW Experience

    Wed, Dec 12, 2007 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST, 11AM Central and 12 Noon Eastern
    Presenter: Katherine Vessenes
    RSVP: (register):

    Highly regarded as a compliance expert, attorney, and presenter, Katherine Vessenes is also adept at helping build better advisors and service professionals.

    Along with her husband Peter, Vessenes is author of Building Your Multi-Million-Dollar Practice: 8 Success Strategies of Top Producing Advisors and is a champion of the client-centric approach to financial services.

    In this exclusive webinar, Katherine will show us how making a few simple changes in our daily routine can result in turning an indifferent client into an advocate and making a mundane visit into a WOW experience.

    Who should attend? EVERYONE interested in retaining clients, getting referrals, and having more fun with their business.

    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Build Your Brand-One Step At A Time

    More good advice from MARK SATTERFIELD of Gentle Rain Marketing. Download the full report at:

    ...So what are the steps you should take to build your brand?

    • Determine precisely who you want to target.
    Make sure this includes both those that can actually hire you as well as those
    who are a part of the prospective client’s inner circle. Not surprisingly this
    is the easiest step.
    • Determine what your message is.
    Not surprisingly, this is the most difficult step in the process. Your message
    needs to focus on the benefit(s) that clients get from hiring you. For firms that
    offer multiple services developing the Umbrella Branding Theme can be a challenge.
    But without a clear, concise and succinct message, the odds of building a recognizable brand
    are slim.
    • Determine how you are going to communicate the strategy.
    There are a number of options at this point. What’s best for you will depend
    in large part on who you are targeting.

    The most important point when developing the implementation campaign is
    that each component link with the next.
    • Maintaining brand awareness.
    The ongoing communication is where most campaigns ultimately fall short.
    The key is consistent messages of relevance and interest.

    Although most everyone understands this on an intellectual level, actually
    implementing a system to ensure it takes place often falls into the category
    of good intentions not fulfilled...

    The rest of the story at:

    Sid Walker's Tips for November


    When you make a statement in a sales interview, your client may or may not completely hear what you are saying depending on what is going on in his mind at the time. He or she may be trying to listen but can often be distracted by other things that are going on in the background like worries, concerns, deadlines, etc.

    However, when you ask your prospect or client a question, you get a much different response. Here are six reasons it is more powerful to ask a question than to make a statement.

    1.When someone asks us a question, our natural response is to try to answer the question.

    2.Answering a question requires more attention, focus, and mental processing than just listening.

    3.Your client likes the attention.

    4.The client feels honored that you would ask for his or her thoughts on the subject.

    5. It is more interesting to the client to be able to participate.

    6.Your client will often discover more about what he thinks and feels about whatever subject he is talking about as he answers your question. He gets to hear what he has to say just as you do.

    How about you? What do you think? Do you think it's more powerful to ask a question rather than make a statement?

    Do you like it when someone asks you a question?

    Do you find yourself telling prospects or clients what you think before you ask them how they feel about it first?

    Do you get a sense that there may be something to this "asking more questions" thing?

    Do you notice that you tend to think people are smarter who ask a lot of questions?

    Would you like people to think you are smart?

    The next time you are getting ready to make a statement, would you consider turning it into a question instead and see if you like what happens?

    Aren't we all just waiting and hoping that someone will ask us a question?


    When your peers sign up for my free monthly newsletter (Sales Tip of the Month) they also get a free eBook - 12 Quick and Powerful Ways to Coach Yourself to the Next Level ($47 value) and free instant access to recent teleseminars. Go to and click on the white button on the upper left side of my home page.

    Have a productive November,

    Toll-free: 877-985-3297 (Free Training Preview)

    Sales Performance Coach to Financial Advisors

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Does PR Work For Financial Advisors?

    Will PR Work For Financial Advisors?

    Mark Satterfield
    Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.

    In most professions, getting the word out about what you do is a relatively straightforward proposal.

    Unfortunately that’s not the case for financial advisors.

    As compliance continues to remain a challenge, advisors find themselves relying on networking, referrals and word-of-mouth for most of their new business. While these methods undoubtedly do work, they also have significant limitations.

    The problem with relying on word-of-mouth and referrals is that you give up control over the business development process. One never knows when (or why) a stream of new referrals will call, or alternatively dry up like a Georgia creek bed in August.

    While networking with the right associations and groups can pay dividends, as anyone knows who’s done it for a while, it can be an extremely labor-intensive process. Not only do you have to budget personal time for the meetings, but even at the most productive events it’s unlikely that you’ll come back with more than just a couple of prospects who are seriously worth following up with.

    So what’s an alternative? Is there a method by which financial advisors can get prospects to consistently seek them out? Although it may seem a bit like the holy grail of business development, the answer is “Yes”.

    As an increasing number of financial advisors are realizing, PR can play a significant role in positioning you as a leading expert among those who can either do business with you, or refer you to others.

    However, one or two mentions in the press are usually not enough. As with any other marketing strategy, a sustained and consistent effort is crucial if you are serious about becoming one of the recognized financial experts in your field.

    What constitutes an effective PR campaign? We believe that it’s three things.

    1) Creativity. Can you position your services or products in a way that make people curious and interested? In our own situation, when we first promoted Gentle Rain Marketing we used a survey as a lever for getting publicity. If we had simply announced that a new marketing firm had opened, no one would have cared. Using the survey as a hook got us a lot of press, which ultimately led to a large number of brand new client relationships. Naturally, surveys are just one of the methods we use to creatively attract the attention of the media for our clients.

    2) Distribution: An effective PR campaign reaches both wide and deep. Simply just sending the release to a handful of names gleaned from a few publications is not an effective distribution strategy. In our database we have contact information and detailed profiles on over 460,000 writers and journalists. From this comprehensive universe we are able to develop highly focused micro-targeted lists. Effective PR is about developing relationships with the media contacts that can make you famous with their readers, listeners and viewers.

    3) Consistency. While a single press release can occasionally be highly effective, a far more effective approach is to be communicating with your key media contacts regularly and consistently. In order to do this you need lots of creative ideas for how to position what you offer in ways that make you stand out. The Gentle Rain methodology of consistent messages of relevance and interest is a crucial component for an effective PR strategy.

    If you are struggling for effective methods to differentiate yourself from the competition and would like to become a highly recognized financial advisor in your market, a targeted PR campaign can pay enormous benefits. More information about PR and other ideas for building your brand can be found in our latest free report, How To Become The Recognized Expert In Your Field which is available here

    Mark Satterfield
    Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.

    Breaking Barriers, Building Business with Peter and Katherine Vessennes (Episode 001 )

    Monday, November 12, 2007

    So, You Want to Become An IRA or IAR?

    If you have made the decision to become an RIA or IAR, you won't want to miss:

    BECOMING AN RIA- THE NEXT STEP- with Zach Gronich, CPA- founder and CEO of RIA IN A BOX.

    12 Pacific
    2Pm Central
    3Pm Eastern

    Who should attend this 30-40 minute teleconference?

    1. Those who have made the decision to take this step in their practices and want to be on the fast track- with LESS STRESS and LESS wasted time.

    Use the link on the right (ignore my poor HTML- I was in a hurry and I am not a programmer by trade..) I need a valid email and name to send you the registration information.

    If the link does not work, or if you have other concerns- send me an email with RIA TELECON in the subject line to :

    Zach wn

    Friday, November 9, 2007

    Keir Education Needs Instructors

    Do you have a passion for teaching?

    Are you an experienced NASD Series 6,7, 63, 65, 66 or 24 instructor?

    Keir has been inundated with requests for on-site classes for many of the securities exams. They need experienced instructors who are interested in traveling and who have flexible schedules. If you are unable to travel, but live in a large metropolitan city, you might be just the person.

    Please send your resume, desired compensation and at least two references via email to Henrietta Nye, President of Keir Educational Resources

    Thursday, November 8, 2007

    Finally, I found a REAL System for Making Milion Dollar Producers

    by Tammy de Leeuw
    Financial Advisor Netzone

    IF YOU ARE like me, you get tons of emails and snail mail promising to take your sow's ear of a practice and turn it into a silk purse full of cash and unending referrals.

    So powerful is the siren's song of endless clients, buckets of money, and leisurely days on the yacht that most of us find it hard to run away from the tainted apple being offered.

    This explains why there are so many hucksters out there promoting this or that program to


    Although I am no longer in production myself, I still receive loads of promises from wannabe gurus and self-styled (and high-priced) mentors wanting me to advertise them on the blog or wanting to "borrow" my subscriber list (which I absolutely refuse to do).

    All of them are going to MAKE ME RICH. (uh huh, yeah.. and Diet X will make put me in a size 2 bikini, uh huh.)

    I am picky. With few exceptions, every single person and company who has appeared on this blog is someone I sought out myself and asked for PERMISSION to promote them. Then, if and only if they feel they have gotten value from me, they can give me enough to cover the costs associated with the webinar. Why am I so fussy?

    Because..the last thing the financial services world needs is another bad seed pitchman masqerading as an educator, another huckster interested only in sucking out money from the wallets of unsuspecting advisors and agents. And please, if ANYONE on this blog doesn't give you the service and value they have promised- please tell me so I can dust off my big old can of "Texas Woman Whoop A**"

    I am, therefore, pleased to announce that I have found a real system to build you a better business, with REAL coaches and consultants who have actually been in financial services -not some actors with scripts, but genuine professionals who have a vested interest in your success and will stop at nothing to get you there. Provided, of course, you yourself are SERIOUS about becoming a top producer.

    Tofu and Pseudo-Psychology Strictly Prohibited

    A lot of what passes for education coming from the mouths of tired old windbags
    is content-light psychobabble decorated with meaningless flow charts, augmented with the ubiquitous powerpoint, and bundled together in cutesie binders. It makes pretty paperweights and doorstops. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to see past the hype and find stuff THAT WORKS.

    So, you can imagine my great joy in discovering VESTMENT ADVISORS, a company so full of integrity and honesty that when I spoke with the CEO on the phone, a wave of it flowed into my office and caused me to throw away my fake Coach cellphone case in a fit of guilty conscience.

    Peter and Katherine Vessenes may not be household names yet, but they will be pretty soon.

    Some of you know them from Broker Dealer Magazine or Horsesmouth or from speaking engagements and training sessions they may have conducted at your company.

    After mercilessly grilling both Katherine and Peter, I can say with confidence that "If I ever grow up- I want to be like them!"

    If the Vessenes ran the country, it would be efficient, profitable and a fun place to work and live. Katherine would make sure the White House got a makeover and that everyone in Congress would be be honest, law-abiding citizens and nice folks or else they would be gone. There would be maybe three or four left after the House cleaning. Peter would fire all the deadbeats...well maybe not all of them at once.

    I am looking forward to a webinar with the overachieving Vessenes team in the near future. In the meantime, be sure to check out their website.



    Tuesday, November 6, 2007

    Satterfield Webinar Special Offer- Good Until 9a,m 11/7/07

    Thanks to all of you who attended the "How to Generate A Consistent Flow of Business" with Mark Satterfield this morning.

    We had a nice turnout and Mark offered a lot of useful insights on how an effective marketing piece should be implemented.

    In case you did not get a chance to attend: Mark offered his self study courses normally costing $1,000 or more at a special price of $499. This is a ONE TIME deal which expires tomorrow at 9AM Pacific Time. For those of you who want Gentle Rain to run your whole marketing program, Mark is taking $1,000 off the normal consulting fee.

    Both of these offers are good only until tomorrow at 9AM. To see the materials in this special package, go to If you want to take advantage of the $499 FAN Blog price, you must email Mark. Put "Special offer pricing from FAN" in the subject line.

    While I was unable to record the webinar due to some technical issues, I do hope to bring Mark back again for an encore presentation. Stay tuned to the blog for more information.

    Also, if you received an evaluation form via email, please complete it and return it to me as soon as possible. I really count on your input for ideas about future webinars.

    Thanks again for attending. I look forward to seeing you all on December 6th, when I present
    "Get Slightly Famous" with Steven Van Yoder.

    Thanks again to all who participated.

    Monday, November 5, 2007

    New Webinar and Other Information


    FAN is pleased to announce the dates and times for our visit with Steven Van Yoder of "Get Slightly Famous"- a unique marketing system based on his bestselling book.

    In this FREE webinar, Steven will show us six do-able ways of becoming just famous enough to be sought out as an expert. GET SLIGHTLY FAMOUS is in its second printing- I highly recommend it to those of us who want to be "that person" everyone wants to talk to.

    Join us Dec. 6th

    Want to Attract More Business With Less Effort?
    Get "Slightly" Famous!

    Seasoned journalist and author of the seminal
    treatise on personal branding and niche marketing
    "GET SLIGHTLY FAMOUS," Steven Van Yoder says:

    "Some business owners attract clients and customers like magnets. Their marketing seems effortless. They don't advertise. They haven't made a cold call in years. They charge more. They're regularly asked to speak at conferences and are featured in newspapers and magazines. Everyone knows their name, and they get all the business they can handle.
    It's almost as though they were famous..."

    Van Yoder will show us six do-able strategies for becoming a recognized and in-demand expert; the kind of person who gets interviewed by Katie Couric or quoted in the New York Times.

    Anyone interested in personal branding and niche marketing should attend this exclusive presentation by one of America's leading authorities on getting yourself known.

    Six Ways To "Get Slightly Famous" With Steven Van Yoder

    Thursday, December 6, 2007

    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST

    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista

    Macintosh®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.3.9 (Panther®) or newer

    Space is limited.
    Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


    Thanks to all of you who registered. We are going to have a good sized crowd
    so if you have specific questions related to marketing, report-writing, etc
    please send them to or BEFORE
    the webinar begins. If you haven't registered, we still have space.

    How To Generate A Consistent Flow of New Business With Mark Satterfield
    Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2007
    Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST
    Space is limited.
    Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

    If You Haven't Already-Please Sign Up for the FAN E-Zine So You Won't Miss
    A Single Event!

    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    Where Have All The Rich Folks Gone?

    Interesting story from REUTERS about one of your target groups. This might be useful when you are targeting ZIP codes for mailouts and seminar invitations.

    More proof that you should be wary of "pre-qualifying" people based on your own pre-conceived notions of where rich folks live and what they value...

    More U.S. millionaires are middle-class

    By Belinda Goldsmith (REUTERS)

    Wed Oct 31, 11:17 PM ET

    Sitting on a million but still middle-class? New research has found that more and more Americans worth at least $1 million want luxury goods such as yachts but otherwise lead family-focused, work-oriented lives.

    Private wealth specialists Lewis Schiff and Russ Alan Prince found the number of Americans with $1 million to $10 million had risen to 8.4 million households -- or 7.6 percent of U.S. households -- and was growing at 15 percent a year.

    But instead of entering the echelons of the elite, these new millionaires adhere to middle-class values, earning their money rather than inheriting it, working 70 hours a week, and choosing neighborhoods based on the quality of schools.

    "These are middle class people who are in the community and don't insulate themselves but they are different because they have managed to accumulate wealth," said Schiff, the president of private wealth consultant Advanced Planning Group.

    "They spend their money on all the things that tie back to family values -- on the health and welfare of their family, career development, and as you move up the ladder they spend on leisure and luxury activities." (READ THE REST OF THE STORY) at:

    And while we are on the subject of TARGETED MARKETING...


    Title: How To Generate A Consistent Flow of New Business With Mark Satterfield
    Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2007
    Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST
    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista
    Macintosh®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.3.9 (Panther®) or newer
    Space is limited.
    Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


    by Tammy de Leeuw
    Financial Advisor Netzone

    A lot of advisors claim they are dynamic speakers, that their seminars are polished, professional, and chock-full of wisdom, and that they put heart and soul into the whole affair, only to be disappointed with lackluster results.

    "My attendance used to be 60 or more. Now I am lucky to have 18 and most of them come for the food," laments MK in Massachusetts.

    If this is a problem you face, I may have a solution:

    • What if you were able to get twice as many people at your seminars while reducing the cost by 15-20% or more at the same time?
    • What if you could use your current seminar system and squeeze every last bit of value out if it, instead of having to throw the whole thing out and buy something new?
    • What if...YOU are the reason things aren't going well these days and by making some minor changes in the way you do things you could increase your effectiveness up to 50%?
    • What would these changes mean to your bottom line- today AND tomorrow?
    • What if you could find someone to work with you who wouldn't get paid until you got results?
    • Does such a person even exist?

    If you think this might be of interest, simply dash off an email to me with your contact information to and I will call you with details.