Saturday, May 31, 2008

Make Marketing Easier - Define Your Target Market

Many coaches, consultants and other service professionals have told me that they work with everybody. They feel that the easiest way to market is to market to everyone. If they define a target market, they told me, it will become much harder to market and get clients.

The truth is exactly the opposite. When you define a target market, it actually becomes easier to market your business. This is because when you have a target market and market to a specific group of people you are going to market to fewer people, but get many more clients. Let's look at how to make your marketing easier by defining your target market:

- Get People To Recognize Themselves In Your Marketing Materials. Let's say you are a coach working with busy mothers, helping them becoming less overwhelmed with their responsibilities and finding time for themselves.

If your marketing piece starts by saying: "Are you overwhelmed by having to do it all -- work, run the house and spend time with your children and husband?" busy mothers will recognize themselves immediately.

Once a busy mother recognizes herself and realizes that you are the expert who can help her, it will be much easier to sell your coaching services. This is because people don't want to work with someone who works with everyone. They want to work with a coach who specializes in helping people just like them. A busy mother would much rather work with a Busy Mother's Coach than with a Life Coach whose target market is everyone.

It will be much easier for you to get clients by defining a target market and having the members of your target market recognize themselves in your materials.

- Become An Expert In Your Field. It is very hard (and nearly impossible) to become an expert for everyone. This is because an expert helps people solve their problems. If you work with everyone -- how can you be seen as an expert? Different people have different problems, and it is impossible to become an expert at solving all of them.

However, if you have a specific target market you work with, it is much easier to become an expert at solving the problems that your target market experiences. Once you are seen as an expert, it becomes much easier to market. Everyone wants to work with an expert, so once you are an expert, your clients will seek you out instead of you looking for clients.

- Re-use Your Materials. Your target market consists of similar people with similar issues and similar questions. Once you have worked with enough people in your target market, you will see that you can use similar ideas and information to help them. Because of this you will be able to create business materials such as questionnaires, worksheets, idea lists, white papers, audio recordings and reports, and reuse them for different clients.

Creating materials you can reuse with different clients will make working with clients easier and more profitable. After some time you will be able to turn the materials into stand-alone products that you can sell, creating passive revenue for your business.

As you can see, defining a narrow target market for your business helps you simplify your marketing, become an expert in your field and create passive income streams. Need help defining a target market for your business?

About the author: Biana Babinsky is the online business expert who teaches coaches, consultants and other service professionals how to define an effective target market for their business. Get her audio recording, How To Find A Profitable Target Market (Or Niche) For Your Business at and find a profitable target market for your business!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

All Along the Blogtower

by Tammy de Leeuw
Editor-In-Chief and Grand "Poohbah"

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our second Masters and Mentors web class with Ray Vendetti on May 20th . Ray provided an in-depth, fluff-free look at how to do three different types of fun, non-seminar events that can generate qualified leads.

If you missed the presentation and still want to know how to do events that attract clients and get you lots of attention, you can purchase the program. Send an email to to find out more.


Christine Comaford Lynch is extending her webinar offer for the upcoming Rules for Renegades Summit in Southern California June 6-7.

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S.T.O.P (Stay in Touch or Perish) Beta Test Launch

With some encouragement from my advisor friend mentor (TV- The Masked Advisor) and my Gravitational Marketing "BOYZ" Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, I am beginning phase one of what I hope will be "DA STUFF" in drip marketing.

The STOP program is "combination therapy" designed to: increase client retention and keep your expensive seminar leads from falling through the cracks by turning them into clients.

Think 4-6 "touches" is enough to keep your A-level clients happy or turn a high net worth prospect into a client?

Recent research indicates otherwise. A-level clients expect 20-30 touches per year from their advisors and affluent prospects usually need to hear from you at a half dozen times before they even consider hiring you.

STOP is A SYSTEM which will employ customized versions of time-honored stay in touch techniques such as cards, letters, and phone calls to your key clients and desirable prospects.

STOP also has a proprietary survey designed to give you an accurate picture of how you are doing as an advisor. I have used this survey several times with great results. People love to give their opinions and clients appreciate advisors who make an effort to ask for them. The survey is also a natural lead-in to making appointments and asking for referrals.

There will be a LOT more to this system and I am working with advisors, agents, and vendors to create something which is COST EFFECTIVE, DUPLICATABLE, WORRY-FREE and most importantly, something that WORKS.

If you are interested in becoming part of the STOP beta test team and having the chance to help create a unique and effective client retention system, email your contact information to: Please put STOP program in your subject line.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


by Sid Walker

The media has been bashing permanent life insurance for as long as I can remember and I was in the business in the early 70's. Occasionally, someone speaks out on behalf of the merits of permanent life insurance and that has happened recently. In fact, a couple of conservative investment guys are calling permanent life insurance a new investment class that you should have 5-10% of your assets in!

I'm sure many of you have heard about this video clip from CNBC... in case you haven't seen it, here is the link.

Speaking of the merits of permanent life insurance, I have been talking with top producer Annette Bau, CFP of Tempe, AZ about being a guest on an upcoming teleseminar. In reviewing one of her articles: "How to Join the 100% Insurance Closing Club," she shares a "no-nonsense" approach to dealing with attorneys and CPAs who don't get behind permanent life insurance. Here is her approach:

"You may also encounter resistance from other advisors, such as attorneys and CPAs, who don't believe in life insurance. This is a simple barrier to overcome. First, most advisors who say they don't believe in life insurance simply don't understand it.

When I encounter an advisor who doesn't understand life insurance, I present the facts, the client's goals and objectives, and why I feel life insurance is the best solution. If the advisor is still resistant, I simply state that I'll follow up with a letter of my findings and recommendations, as I don't want to have any exposure if the client dies. If you've done a proper fact-finding and needs analysis, the advisor will immediately get out of the way of your placing a policy."

Have a productive May,

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Your Chance to Register for FREE!

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Since Christine is new to many of you who read the blog, and since she has so much valuable networking advice to share with us, I decided that this event needs to be PACKED TO THE VIRTUAL RAFTERS. So, if you register by tomorrow, you will get in for absolutely NADA!

Christine doesn't do too many webcasts- so this is a unique opportunity for you to learn a couple of life skills from someone who retired a millionaire at age 40, then decided to go in a whole new direction. Join us MAY
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Mighty Minute From Christine Comaford-Lynch

FIRST, let me stand up and say, "Hello everyone.
My name is Christine Comaford-Lynch, and I'm a control
freak."(Everyone in unison, "HELLLOOOOO CHRISTIIIINE.")

Seriously, I've been a control freak all my life. The
more I tried to hold it all together, the more it fell
apart. It's taken me literally decades to learn what I'm
good at and what I stink at. So what's the verdict?

--I'm a builder, not a maintainer.
--I'm a marketer, not a manager.
--I'm a salesperson, not a bean counter.

Time to face facts: You won't be good at everything.
In fact, at some things you'll be downright dreadful.

But guess what? That's okay.

Take it from someone who knows. If you don't do something
well, don't hide it or defend it. It wasn't until I learned
this simple truth that I started recovering from my control

Your time is too valuable to waste doing things you don't
enjoy or aren't good at. Use your lack of skill as an
opportunity to find someone to fill the gap. Bring in the
talent that you don't have. And remember--it's also okay
to have limits.

I wish someone would have told me all this before I grabbed
the reins as a CEO or a venture capitalist. Sure, I was a
star performer, but I burned myself out in the process.

Of course, when I finally did let loose of my iron grip
on the reins, I made yet another set of mistakes: I
repeatedly hired the wrong business partners and executives.

Why? One word: fear.

Fear of losing control and trusting others. Fear of failure.
And worst of all, fear that I wasn't doing enough good in
the world and that I'd die without having made a significant

Needless to say, these ill-fated partnerships didn't last
long. But I learned from my mistakes. The bottom line is
to not let your fear or inner critic stop you.

So this week, I want you to write down 3 things that you
love and/or excel at in your business, and 3 things that
you fall short in or don't have any interest in.(Be honest
with yourself.) Then look into finding people to fill
those gaps.

And if you do try and fail, pick yourself up and keep
moving forward!

Don't forget to join us for a NOW-FREE web class with Christine Comaford Lynch,
May 14th at 6PM Pacific Time, 8PM Central, 9PM Eastern

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Renegade entrepreneur - and runaway success story - Christine
has lived the kind of life most of us can only dream about. From
model to monk to multi-millionaire, she has always gone after what she
wanted - and gotten things done. She's won, lost, worked, played, and
every step of the way, she's written her own rules.

Join us and hear her outrageous story!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hear "DA BOYZ" NOW- Via The Recording!

Ya'll Listen!

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller

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Thanks to those who attended!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Common Speaking Problems: Podcast With TJ Walker and Jess Todtfeld

GrouchyCast: "How to Waste Your Speaking Opportunities"

Interesting discussion with speaking experts Jess Todtfeld and TJ Walker of Media Training Worldwide on how many seminars wind up being missed opportunities and what you can do about it.

Jess and Todd review some common mistakes, the value of taping your presentation, and how professional coaching can make anyone a better speaker. Great speaking is NO ACCIDENT!


To listen from the phone anytime:
Dial - (712) 432-1282
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