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Tina Bryson and her new baby, Anja Wysinger, 3 months, has a pile of paperwork from research she...

TINA BRYSON was nine months pregnant when she leased an apartment in April on Congress Avenue in East Oakland. Little did she know the apartment she rented was in foreclosure.

Two months after her baby was born, Bryson received an eviction notice from the lender taking over the building, telling her she had 30 days to move out. By then, her landlord — with Bryson's...

UH OH- Merrill Lynch is "adjusting" Those dadgummed derivatives!

Merrill Lynch & Co., the biggest underwriter of collateralized debt obligations, signaled that the subprime-mortgage crisis may hurt third-quarter earnings.

The New York-based firm said in a regulatory filing today that it made ``fair value adjustments'' for potential losses to date on unspecified holdings and financing commitments. Merrill fell 49 cents ..
Merrill, which reports next month, is at risk because it participates as an investor, lender, counterparty and guarantor in markets tied to subprime mortgages. They include structured credit products, such as CDOs, and leveraged loans, according to the filing....

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