Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Greeting Card that Made Me Pick Up the Phone

by David Frey

As we all do, I get a LOT of promotional letters in the mail.

After sorting them into two piles, the first pile I end up opening and
the second pile I just throw away without opening them up.

Legendary copywriter Gary Halbert has referred to this as the pile "A" and pile "B" syndrome.

If your letter or card ends up in the "B" pile it's going to get thrown away without even being looked at.

So of course you want all the mail that you send to your customers and prospects to end up in the "A" pile.

I want to tell you about two letters that I got in the mail in the past several months that caused me to take action.

Both were from people that I did not know personally...but their message was so compelling that it made me do something.

What Could You Put In a Card that Would Be So Powerful that It Would Force Your Reader to Pick Up the Phone and Call You?

Let me answer that question for you by asking you a question.

QUESTION: What is the most important word and picture in the world for you?

ANSWER: Your name and a picture of you.

It's the truth.

Think about it...when you look at a photo with a bunch of people in it...
and you're in the photo as well, what do your eyes immediately focus on?

YOU! That's right.

And when you hear your own name don't you immediately perk up?

When you see your name in print doesn't it capture your attention?

Of course.

So back to the cards that I received.

What do you think was in the cards that made me pay attention and pick up the phone?

Both cards used my name in a very flattering way and included
pictures of my product.

Here's the first card. Take a look.

This card is from Kevin Thomas who is a relationship marketing coach.

When I saw him holding my Instant Referral Systems in the air and read his flattering comments, I had to call him up and thank him.

He was able to get me on the phone with a simple greeting card that included
a photo and kind words. Kevin has used this same tactic very successfully
to get on the phone with a lot of other influential people.

NOTE: If you're interested in the system that Kevin is using to create these customized cards that he sends from his computer go to

Here's the Second Card that Captured My Attention

In November of last year I received a greeting card from a guy named Rob Fore.

After getting his card I felt compelled to pick up the phone and talk to him as well.

Here's the inside of Rob Fore's card.

Rob simply downloaded the photo of my Instant Referral Systems program from and inserted it into the card and pushed a button to send the card to me.

It worked like magic. I called Rob up and he signed me up to the system

Another Amazing Case Study About the Power of Greeting Cards

There so many ways you can use greeting cards to get prospects on the phone
or compel them to request your information. Your only limitation is your imagination.

I know of one person who has created a series of greeting cards for five niche industries (accountants, lawyers, financial planners, consultants, and insurance agents) in the city he lives in.

Each of the cards are very similar, but they're altered just a little bit for each industry.

He has all these cards set up into a sequential follow-up system that gets the prospect to call him for more information about his services.

Then he developed a list of local professionals in each of the industries and uploaded them into the system he uses.

He then just pushed a button.

Now he has a series of five cards going out to each professional, one every 20 days, and he gets all the business he can handle.

It's like poetry in motion.

Again, this guy is using to automate the entire task.

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