Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Newsbreak from Spam

I interrupt the "Spam series" to bring you a few bits of news...

MA'S Secretary Puts More Nails in Senior Designations Regulations- we certainly can expect other states to follow suit. Get the scoop- read the bureaucratese for yourself at:http://www.sec.state.ma.us/sct/sctpropreg/propreg.htm.

Interested in Seeing Ed Slott Live in Vegas for Free?- call Tammy at (978) 633-7140 or email advisorresource@aggies.com. I have been given information on how a few select advisors can attend this event without having to pay the usual $750 registration fee. You need to act now because there are only a few "slots for Slott" left.

Max Bolka (www.maxbolka.com) a pre-eminent business coach, trainer, and marketing guru will hold a marketing teleclass in October. Date to be determined, but you need to opt in to my e-newsletter now so I can give you registration details. Max's training will be sure to get you motivated and headed for that elusive next level. advisorresource@aggies.com.

Scott Brooks of www.rollovercoach.com reports that he is getting lots of positive feedback from his Rollover Coach program. Scott's program differs from Ed Slott's and focuses on a different aspect of the rollover arena.

Looking for a few good men and women- A start-up field marketing organization wants to put experienced, savvy, holistically-minded, honest advisors in front of lots of qualified prospects via an unusual niche marketing system. They need agents/advisors in Ohio, New York, Central California, Illinois, and Florida. If you are a person of high integrity who needs to see more people and enjoys the challenges of a start-up situation, email or call Tammy and I will hook you up with the principals. You MUST be an effective and confident speaker and be a flexible thinker as well. (978)-633-7140 or tammy@afterdarkmarketing.com.

The Contest is Still On- I'm still looking for the funniest seminar stories, presentation nightmares, technical snafus, client miscommunications, etc. Need some levity here, folks.

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