Sunday, December 2, 2007

Investment Advisor Finds His Niche Market

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Be sure to check out the video below- it's cool and YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Atlantic Financial Uses Online Video to Promote Dubai Niche

Bruce FentonBruce Fenton is an investment advisor and founder of Atlantic Financial Inc., an independent investment firm that advises American clients on investing in the Middle East. Fenton is also the editor of The Fenton Report, a Global Wealth Management magazine focused on changes to the global economy.

Fenton embraced online video a few years ago to support his goal of reinforcing his expertise in investing in Dubai. Online video helps position Atlantic Financial as a thought leader in Middle East investment opportunities. Moreover, it works in concert with other elements of Fenton’s Dubai-niche marketing efforts, including speaking for the Kuwait Ministry of Finance.

Describe your overall business.

We are an investment firm that focuses on global investing, founded in 1994; prior to that, I was with a major Wall Street firm. We serve individuals and institutional investors, typically those with several million dollars to invest, who want to participate in the changing global economy.

We help U.S. investors invest in the Middle East. This includes high net worth individuals or endowments and pensions. Unlike many investment companies that work in the region, whose primary goal is to get money FROM the region, we bring U.S. money TO the region.

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