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When Seminars Attack..

As you plan your 2008 event calendar, be sure to do your homework
to avoid wasting time and money.
Tina and Doug Dixon of SEMINAR DIRECT offer you this advice.

The Top 10 Reasons Financial Seminars Fail

by Doug Dixon
Seminar Direct

Top producers from Boston to Bakersville are getting rich because they know how to market themselves with financial seminars. They understand that seminars can be the greatest tool for finding wealthy clients and dramatically building their business. And their bank accounts can prove it.

Unfortunately, some financial advisors haven’t learned the basic principles of seminar marketing and are disappointed with their results. Because they can’t identify the real problem, they blame imaginary outside forces they can’t control. Instead of looking inward at what they can improve to become successful, it’s just easier and more comfortable for them to believe that the market is “saturated” or the room is just filled with “plate lickers” who are only there for free food.

The solution can be found in understanding what causes some financial seminars to fail. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you’ll improve your income and avoid poor results.


Stale Invitation

The market isn’t saturated with seminars, it’s saturated with the same invitation. This happens because there are a few very large seminar marketing companies that dominate the marketplace. These companies have 1,000s of advisors all over the country mailing the same invitations. When prospects receive the same invitation repeatedly from different advisors, it absolutely kills response rates.

Not only is the credibility of the advisor questioned, but any sense of urgency is removed because the prospect knows another offer will be coming again soon. Response rates can be increased simply by avoiding the herd and not using the large seminar companies that advertise they produce 1,000s of seminars.

Betting on Postcards

Postcards are a great tool for seminars, but their response rate is about half of other mailing pieces. To achieve the results equal to other mailers, twice as many postcards need to be mailed. This increased mailing causes the market to become saturated twice.

This is why postcards seem to do very well for a short period of time, then response rates crash. Carefully watch results with postcards and be ready to switch to another type of mailer as response rates approach unacceptable levels.

Wrong Time

It may sound elementary, but seminars should be held when it’s convenient for the attendees. What complicates this issue is that the best time varies with the demographics of the audience. There is a huge difference between the best time for a business owner, a near retiree (55-65) and those that are above 65. Demands created by work, ability to drive at night, age, and family conditions make each of these groups unique. By identifying the concerns of your target audience, you can hold your seminar at the very best time, dramatically increase response rates.

(download the report now:



By Tammy de Leeuw

OK- I admit it. I was a member of the nerdy geek club-one of those kids in high school who was into Star Wars and comic book shows. I was in the drama club and on the debate team. In other words: I was tragically uncool just like Eric on "That 70's Show."

Perhaps that is why I think Diogenes Ruiz (love the name!) is a genius to come up with SuperHero business cards.

SuperHero cards are like no other cards I have ever seen. You can have your fancy-paper, triple embossed, foil impressions- give me something that will stand out from the crowd and won't get tossed into the junk drawer abyss.

Admit it- how many times have you been handed a business card that you barely glanced at and either tossed into the trash can or the bottom of your computer case?

Well.. other people are doing the same when you hand them YOUR card. Why not be DIFFERENT and show them your inner hero?

Not only does the card command attention, but people are loathe to throw them away due to the tug of nostalgia they feel. Remember all those cards you used to collect? What if you had kept that Nolan Ryan rookie baseball card ( I had 10 of these!!!) or those Beatles cards?

Recipients of your card are instantly transported back to their childhoods, when life was simple and computers lived only in banks and universities and were as big as 18-wheelers; back before
WII and broadband and malware ,Rosie O'Donnell and American Idol.

Far from being "unprofessional" Dio's cards show the world that you aren't afraid to grab life by the, uh.. horns and that while you ARE a serious professional, you have a self-effacing sense of humor and warm approachability.

These custom cards are used by one of my favorite sales trainers- JEFFREY GITOMER.
If they are good enough for Jeffrey, they are good enough for me.

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Todd V said...

Hey, Tammy... I finally got in touch with Tina over at SeminarDirect and, you're right (as much as I hate to admit it). She was very helpful...

I'd recommend her to anyone!!