Friday, April 4, 2008

Three Important Steps To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

by Christine Comaford-Lynch
Author of the NY Times Bestseller
"Rules for Renegades"

You have decided that you are an entrepreneur whether you've taken the plunge yet or not. Now it is time to realize, right from the very beginning how very important it is to learn from what you do well; and, to repeat these positive patterns in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

Here are the three things I have done best in the building of my many companies. Several of these lessons I have become aware of in the past years, and you'll notice many of them are my mistakes turned around.

Step #1: Hire Well - I have become much better at hiring the right people at the right time, and giving them a trial period to help me learn what they're best at. Many people will rise to the occasion, some will not. In the process, you learn the level of trust the person has earned, and you learn how to help them grow, and where to let them take things and run with them. I love making my staff wildly successful.

Step #2: Don't Let Stress Take Over Your Life - There is an infinite amount of work. The big question is what do I have to do today, this week, this month, this quarter? Even if you decided to sacrifice lunch with a friend or decided to compromise that sleep you so desperately needed, and as a result got everything done today, what would you gain? There will always be more work tomorrow. This doesn't mean that it's ok to slack off and let your team members down. No way!

Step #3: Have Balance - Demand balance in your life! Imagine a table. If you put weight equally on all sides, the table will hold up well. If you put an extraordinary amount of weight on one side, the strain could likely break the table. The same thing can happen to people. So be balanced - make it a priority. Take care of your business AND your personal life.

Learning from your mistakes and turning them around to positive patterns is a crucial part of getting your business up and running and becoming a successful entrepreneur. This will be a great help in keeping you on a smooth, bump-free road to business success.

Christine Comaford-Lynch, a five-time CEO, knows the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur. From model to monk to multi-millionaire, Christine always goes after what she wants, gets things done, and now wants to help you get there, too!

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