Monday, June 9, 2008

Beware the Marketing Alchemists!

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

I once heard a minister say, "Success in life consists not so much in finding the one person or thing which will make you happy as in avoiding the countless others who will make you miserable." AMEN!

I am applying this adage to sales and marketing in deciding to write my new EBOOK "
THINK AND GROW DISENCHANTED: 25 Time-Tested, Proven Ways To Screw Up Your Marketing, Waste Time and Money, And Have More Excuses to Whine Than Ever Before...


It is my belief that it is often easier to learn how to NOT do something than it is to learn to DO something. With that in mind, my book pierces the mystic veil of marketers, divulging the secrets they don't want anyone else to know (lest they become redundant!) and debunking the hyped-up gurus who assure you that simply buying their SYSTEM WILL SKYROCKET YOUR BUSINESS TO THE TOP! Uh huh...

In the previous post I said the Rules for Renegades Summit was one of the best-executed business success functions I have ever attended.

It also gave me renewed desire to become financially successful by helping all of YOU learn to do the same.

S0, use the form on this blog and SIGN UP NOW for the preview of the book. I will send you the link to my TOP SECRET 42 BLOG as well as a Goldmail preview.

Thanks and happy marketing!

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