Thursday, April 2, 2009

Build the foundation before you worry about the wallpaper...

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

Hey..very long time no blog..

That's because my life is exploding with possibilities and all of them are screaming for a chance to manifest once.

As you know, I have been enjoying the heck out of helping the Mavericks (and some of you) grow your social medial presence.

I am Twittering like a bluejay who ate a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (yum!) and I am Facebooking until my wrists and fingers are sore.

Not to mention, blogging, producing webinars, writing emails and..

Is it worth it?

Am I starting to see the light of day in my own business as I help you grow YOURS?

The answer is...

A little.

You see, I believe in having good solid foundations.. and you should too.

We all have done the "catch up game" before. Procrastinate our brains out and then push ourselves to the brink playing "catch up."

It doesn't work very well and it is EXHAUSTING.. Better to go more slowly and do it right so we don't have to re-do things later... measure twice or even three times and CUT ONCE.

An old school marketer told me a long time ago,

"It may take a while for the money to come your way, Tammy. But when it does, if you have done everything right, it will come fast and furious."

This is the law of reciprocity at work. Cash flow can be a crunch at times, but in order to have reciprocity in your life, you must be 100% committed to creating a solid foundation for your business.

This means...

Investing in every tool, educational product, system that you feel will actually HELP you create solid, multiple streams of income.. finding all the good FREE INFORMATION...

And (here is the hard part): getting out of the Lazy Boy and actually USING those tools...

Looking for new and better ways to leverage your time and marketing budget.. hiring an assistant or virtual assistant when you need one...

Educating yourself NOW so you won't be scrambling to catch up to your competition. You want to be positioned to be the DRIVER of the bandwagon..

And not one of those guys or gals running around in a panic trying to jump on...

I know I throw a lot of stuff at you and point you in many directions... but only you know the FLAVOR of your business...what you WILL DO.. what you will NEVER DO, and your own strengths and weaknesses...

But doing NOTHING in these crazy days is certainly not an option.


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