Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Miss These Upcoming Events

by Tammy de Leeuw
Editor and Chief Grouch

As we move into summer, I'm gearing up to bring you the finest connections available; connections to the movers and shakers in both the online AND offline worlds; people who will give you what you need to SPEED to six figures (and beyond!)

Twitter Virtual Summit:

This is a cool thing from our friend David Frey, who has put together a very cool LIVE Twitter Masters Interview series. FOG (Friend of Grouchy) SHAMA HYDER will be among the 15 different Twitter experts being interviewed by David. You won't want to miss this. You will also be able to purchase the entire series for download, so you don't have to attend each session live.
The Telesummit begins on Monday, May 25th at 11:00am Eastern Time and runs through Friday afternoon, May 29th.

For the specific speaker schedule, please visit:

Webinars on May 26th and 27th:

May 26th: Peter Vessenes will talk about that OTHER way to make money during a recession, namely PRACTICE MANAGEMENT. Sounds unsexy, but with an expert like Peter to guide you, you will gain insight into an area in which most financial pros score an "F."
Free, but you need to register:

May 27th: Join us for a special presentation/demo with insurance agent, financial advisor, entrepreneur, and Send Out Cards trainer ROBERT BREINER. You've never met anyone quite like Robert and you've never seen cards quite like the ones he uses to get dozens of prospects, clients, and joint venture partners. If you have considered using this system, you'll want to attend and learn just how a REAL financial pro uses this system to ATTRACT and RETAIN clients.

Stay tuned to the blog and your email for more fun stuff in the Summer of Grouchy.



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