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Create An Instant Flood of High Quality Referrals

by David Frey
Marketing Best Practices

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine who
generated an INSTANT flood of super high quality
referrals in just one day with very little effort and
how you can do the exact same thing that he did.

Not long ago I received a phone call from a friend of
mine in California who was going through a down time in
his business.

He called to ask me for some advice, knowing that I was
in the business of helping people market their

My friend is an independent professional who does great
work, but is not a great marketer and doesn't do a lot
of networking. (In fact, he hates networking.)

So I asked him if he had a friend who sold
complimentary products or services to the same people
that he wanted as his clients. He, of course, had
several friends that did that.

So I then revealed to him the secret of one of the most
powerful referral strategies known to man, which is
guaranteed to work 100% of the time in generating a
flood of new referrals for your business.

I've seen this strategy used and I've used it myself
dozens of times and every single time, IT WORKS!

And it just doesn't just produce a trickle of
referrals. It turns on the faucet of referrals. I mean
it instantly generates a flood of high quality

It's simply the fastest, easiest, and most effective
way to generate a large quantity of hot, qualified
referrals for your business that I know.


Here's the "Instant Referrals" Secret Strategy

The "Instant Referrals" strategy is pretty simple. In
fact, it's so simple that anyone can do it in just a
few hours.

STEP 1. Find a fried who is also a professional that
sells complimentary products and services to the same
people that you sell to. (Actually, this isn't
mandatory, but it helps.)

STEP 2. Ask your friend if they would like to
experience a flood of referrals for their business. If
they say, "Yes" (and why wouldn't they), then simply
tell them that if they are willing to recommend you to
all their clients and customers, you would be more than
happy to do the same for them.

STEP 3. Create a simple, low or no risk offer like a
free trial, a free assessment, or a free sample of your

STEP 4. Create a card recommending your friend and
their products or services and extending their low risk
offer to your clients. Have your friend do the same
thing. (Better yet, do it for them.)

Here's a great example of a "recommend card."

(copy and paste the link into your browser)

STEP 5. Send your "recommend card" to your entire list
of clients and customers and have your referral partner
send their recommend card to their list of clients and

The day your recommend card hits the streets, both you
and your referral partners phones will start ringing.
This is a guaranteed, foolproof way to generate a lot
of referrals in a short period of time.

STEP 6. Rinse and repeat. You can do this exact same
strategy with many independent professionals. Think
of all the professionals that you do business with
and that deserve your endorsement. Each one of them
is a candidate to apply this strategy.

NOTE: Don't be afraid to send multiple mailings to
your clients and customers. They'll appreciate you
for introducing them to a great resource.


How to Double the Response of Your Recommend Card


It's simple to to double the response of your recommend
card. The day after you do the recommend card mailing,
you get together in an office that has two phone lines
and start calling every person that you sent the card
to and personally recommend your referral partner.

I've witnessed professionals get 30 plus super high
quality referrals in just one day doing this method.

All you have to say on the phone is who you are (they
should know you) and you let them know that you've
sent them a card introducing them to someone that you
highly recommend. You can even leave a message on their
message machine.

Another option is to wait until the card hits people's
homes and then make calls. These calls are a bit more
serious because you actually try to set up appointments
for you referral partner, if possible.


Why the Instant Referrals Strategy Works

The reason this referral strategy works so well is
because you are basically "borrowing" your referral
partners reputation and relationships with their

You see, people will do business with people that are
recommended by a trusted friend or business associate.
This is a simple and easy way to tap into the
relationships of another business professional.

And you would be amazed at how many of your current
business friends and associates would jump at the
chance to have YOU mail out a recommend card endorsing
them to all your clients.

There's no reason why you can't do this four to five
times a year. So let's just say, for conversation sake
that you do this strategy with four other professionals
who have a customer list of around 400 people.

And let's say that for every mailing you get about 5%
of the people to call you. That comes out to 80 high
quality referrals! Imagine what that kind of referral
surge could do to your business!


How to Automate Your Instant Referrals Campaign

Using Send Out Cards you can literally automate
this entire process and complete a high impact endorsed
mailing in less than 20 minutes.

Here's how...

First, take a digital photograph of you and your
referral partner.

Second, upload that photo using "Picture Plus" in and create a heartfelt, personal
card from your customer.

Select the link below to watch a quick video demo of
how to create a Picture Plus card with
Send Out Cards.

(copy and paste the link into your browser)

Third, upload your list of customers and your referral
partners list of customer into two new groups in your
contact manager in Send Out Cards.

Fourth, attach your new groups to your new recommend
Picture Plus cards and hit the "Send" button.

You're done.

That's it.


Isn't It About Time You Started Using SendOutCards?

Send Out Cards has the ability to literally transform
your business forever.

It's a simple tool that allows you to generate
referrals, almost on demand.

Select the link below to review the three sign up
options that offers.

(copy and paste the link into your browser)

P.S. If you'd like to see a demo of how to create
a custom card in Send Out Cards, be sure to attend the live
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