Sunday, July 4, 2010

Facebook Ads: Pushing Google "Off the Map?"

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

OK, I admit it...

I love new and shiny things...emerging ideas and technologies and well...

Cool stuff...

But, even with my penchant for climbing on before the band wagon is even built, I had a hard time seeing how social media could ever be truly useful as a marketing tool.

It was hard for me to see beyond the silly videos, inane commentary, and gossip and realize that there were ways to monetize this phenomenon.

One of the ways I have recently discovered is what I feel will eventually be the downfall of Google's pay per click empire: Facebook ads.

If you have a Facebook account, I am sure you have noticed these tiny little ads running down the sides of the page. They don't look like much, I know, but they are already generating thousands of leads and millions of dollars for those who have put some effort into "cracking the code."

Dozens of so-called "Facebook ad gurus" have popped up now, with all the attendant hype and cheesy promises. So far, only two of them have struck me as having anything worth promoting:

Dean de Lisle and PERRY MARSHALL.

Many of you have attended Dean's classes and you know he is a master of the technical side of social media, showing you HOW to actually put together great profiles and pages.

Perry is a well-known pay per click marketer, lead generation specialist, and someone who is actively involved in cracking the Facebook ads code.

PerryMarshall knows that writing a good ad isn't enough to generate leads with Facebook- you MUST have something to GIVE your audience and someplace to TAKE them. It's a lot different from the typical benefits-driven advertising that most of us do.

If you have any interest in using the internet to generate leads, then you should do two things:

1. Take the free Facebook quiz. Your score will let you know whether or not using Facebook ads
will work for you.

2. Sign up for Perry's free 5 session "white paper" course. You'll discover that writing white
papers still works as a lead generation tool... if you do it the right way.

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