Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Links for Cold Days


Available to Download:

1. Articles by
Katherine Vessenes:

5 Simple Steps to Help you Convert More Prospects into Clients

Safe Selling of Variable Annuities

Five Steps to Creating An Elevator Statement

*THIS JUST IN- DO YOU KNOW YOUR PEERS? The Vestment Advisors "Advisor Scorecard"
is a useful tool that lets you sneak a peek into the minds of your fellow financial professionals. Find out what bugs them and what they are doing to correct it.
Download it for free at:

2. Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Specialist

Discount Enrollment Form

Program Description and Course Outline

ChFEBC Home Study Program Outline

3. RIA IN A BOX- .wav file of Teleconference with ZACH GRONICH

4. The Not So Hidden Agenda by Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Platform (popular)

5. The Top Ten Reasons Seminars Fail- By Doug Dixon

Other Links:

Pro Web Radio: (podcasts anyone?)

Brainy Betty Powerpoint Tips and Tricks- essential info for Power Point users.

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD- Guy Kawasaki's Excellent Blog- A great read full of practical advice for everyone

The Museum Of Humor- Need a joke or one liner for your presentation? Need a smile on a dreary day? Just want to see vintage footage of those great Borscht Belt comics? This be da spot!

Barry Maher's HUMOR ON THE JOB- "Motivational speakers are not enough."

The Speaking Channel- Chock full o' fun stuff- One of my favorite places to hang out

Seminar Direct- Professional Printers to Star Advisors.

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