Tuesday, February 26, 2008

THE TOMA FILES: How To Kill A Business in 10 Easy Steps!

by Michael Seedeek
SM Enterprises

Did you know that 55% of the recipients of promotional products kept the item for over a year? According to a Promotional Products study, 76% of people surveyed could recall the company's name on a promotional product they'd received in the past year... (editor's note: One of the oldest and most appreciated ways to achieve the coveted TOP OF MIND AWARENESS (TOMA) is through the use of imprinted promotional products, such as agendas, padfolios, pens, and even less conventional products which keep you always on the minds of your clients...)

Knowing the importance of TOMA, here are 10 steps to kill your business.

1. Pretend everyone knows what you have to offer.

2. Tell yourself you just don't have time to promote your business.

3. Assume your products and services "speak for themselves."

4. Convince yourself that "word of mouth" is enough.

5. Forget there are NEW clients out there who would do business with you if only they KNEW
about you.

6. Ignore your competitors.

7. Tell yourself that advertising "costs too much."

8. Ignore the fact that advertising is an investment in FUTURE SALES.

9. Fail to have an adequate advertising budget for your business.

10. Forget to tell your clients that you appreciate their business.

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Then ask yourself why many business owners wake up in the morning after sleeping on an ADVERTISED mattress, pull off ADVERTISED pajamas, take a shower with ADVERTISED soap, dress in advertised clothes, etc... and then refuse to advertise their own businesses? It's only when they are forced out of business that they decide to advertise- only this time the ad reads "Business for Sale." Go figure.

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