Saturday, October 4, 2008

Free 4 All- More Stuff for Agents and Advisors

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

Friday was my first-ever demonstration of the Send Out Cards system. Thanks to those of you who attended.

I did re-record the session, "How to Do A Campaign" and it is available until October 12th.
Click here to get the download:


The clock is ticking on some of the other Free Stuff for Advisors offered through the FAN blog.

Track Your Advertising

Looking to get more out of your advertising dollars? Track your ads with Call Tracker, and know which campaigns work. When calls come in, you’ll know who they went to, which campaigns drove traffic…and which didn’t. You’ll save money when you focus on your most productive ads 24 hours a day. Use toll-free numbers for a big image or use regional numbers for a trusted, local image.

View online, interactive reports in bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts that can be broken down from a monthly overview to a detailed hourly view.

Sign Up Special for Tammy de Leeuw and the Financial Advisor Netzone referrals: FREE activation plus 1 free month with no contracts or long-term commitments. Offer good until October 30th.

Find out more:

The Easiest Way to Add Voice Over Visuals to Your Communications

Enhance your communications by using the simple, effective voice over visual messaging from Goldmail. Unlike many other applications, Goldmail does not require a video camera or any special training or technical aptitude.

I always recommend that you "try before you buy" and Goldmail offers you that option in the form of a fully functional 14-day trial. Check it out at:

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