Saturday, October 25, 2008

Slott Link Fixed-4 More Days Left to Listen!

... from Tammy

Apologies to some of you who tried the download link to ED SLOTT's teleseminar recording and had trouble. The problem seems to be resolved now and you can download and listen to:

Actions That Unlock Million Dollar IRAs

What to say and do--right now--to get $1 million IRA owners to move their money to YOU!

We will have the page up ONLY UNTIL OCTOBER 29th.

If you have never seen Ed Slott live and you work in the financial services industry (particularly in the estate planning and IRA rollover areas) you definitely should check him out at his last live gig of the year.

Or Call: Get $200 off instantly when you use the FAN code. If you call in to register, be sure they know you saw it on FAN so you will get your discount.

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