Friday, November 7, 2008

Help A Soldier- Help Yourself

from Tammy

How YOU Can Help A Soldier and Help Yourself

In partnership with Any Soldier- I am making a special offer:

I am setting up a limited number of $125 SEND OUT CARDS ACCOUNTS .

These accounts will allow you to send heartfelt greetings to our military, even a small gift or two. You will have enough points to send out around 30 cards, so you can also use the account to send some holiday cards to your friends, too. You will get a chance to use the Ultimate Referral system to spread a little joy around the world.

I am not doing this as a sales effort. I just happen to think that is one of the most worthy efforts around. They need our help, especially in these difficult financial times when donations are down and expenses are up.

All after-expenses money raised from the accounts will be donated to Anysoldier to allow them to continue their outstanding efforts on behalf of our military.

How It Works

Simply go to Click on the "free account" banner at the top of the page.

Once you have set up your account, send $125 to Tammy de Leeuw via PAYPAL. Use as the email. I will then go in to your account and upgrade your points plus an expense account to use for postage and small gifts.

Use the account any way you like, but it would be neat if you sent at least one soldier, marine, or sailor a card. Get their addresses by going to

There is a strict limit of 100 accounts and the cutoff date is December 5, 2008.

Already have a Send Out Cards Account or Want to Do More?

If you you are already a member of Send Out Cards, why not send a card or two or a small gift out?
Go to to get the names and addresses. Make a SOLDIER CAMPAIGN and start sending your messages of deep appreciation.

Other ways you can help:

Participate in the ANY SOLDIER raffle to win a beautiful home in Prince Frederick, MD.

No time to put together a gift package? Treat Any Soldier will send one out for you.

Donate cash or used vehicles to the effort. Go online to find out more.

Thanks to all of you for realizing the importance of not forgetting those who serve us in faraway lands in difficult circumstances.

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