Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Insurance Conspiracy Theories

It’s getting harder and harder for you to make money as an insurance agent or independent advisor.

And there’s a very clear reason why...

They’ want you to keep doing business the same old way, the way "you've always done it," the way that no longer works in today's economy. THEY WANT YOU TO FAIL!

Who are THEY?

"They" are the INSURANCE VILLAINS...

Competition in the insurance industry has risen tenfold over the past few years.
The Insurance Villains are DESPERATE to grab their slice of the dwindling pie (and more) and will do anything to take all the profits for themselves and make your life miserable.

Direct Writer Donny: Donny spends massive amounts of money spend to flood the airwaves with “Cheap Price” messages and steal your customers.

Corporate Carl: A real nasty! Carl works for the insurance companies- the ones who continue to ‘download’ services onto agents without compensation and increase requirements for scorecards and bonuses. He wants you to do more work for LESS COMMISSION!

Compliance Cathy (and her sidekick "Regulatory Rita"): Rita and Cathy spend their days pouring over bulletins and court decisions, digesting every jot and tittle of every arcane rule so they will have a million different ways to say "NO!" to your marketing campaign.

Rita and Cathy have a goal of neutering all of your effective marketing to the point that it is a total waste of money. As a result, you get stuck making cold calls or canvassing to get new clients. Rita and Cathy could care less...

With all these villains around...
It’s no wonder 30% of all agents will be OUT OF BUSINESS in the next five to ten years.

Let's get real here...

Insurance companies say they are LOYAL to their agents- they certainly expect YOU to be loyal.

But the cold hard fact of the matter is that they don’t want agents to get 10-20% of the commissions.

So they demonstrate their loyalty to you by starting a new division that writes policies directly with no agent involvement.

We’re not fooled. BUT luckily we know there is something that YOU CAN DO about it.

The Insurance Mavericks are going to be revealing how you can survive and THRIVE as an insurance agent well into the next decade by using some proven strategies and we are bringing those strategies to you in a special live WEBCAST on Thursday, November 13.

Here’s what you’ll learn at Thursday's Webinar:

How to become a “BIG HITTER” agent making huge commission checks, loved by carriers because your production is through the roof…and doing it all without a single cold call!

How to make your clients fiercely loyal- they'll consider you a friend and trusted advisor, and feel guilty just talking to another agent. (And do it all at an arms length with systems that do the work for you!)

How to position yourself- not as another used car salesman-insurance agent begging for business, but as a Celebrity Expert who attracts an endless stream of qualified leads.

If you want the FORMULA to making the business fun again, and making big money as an agent don’t miss this webinar.

Nothing will be sold and we're confident you will walk away with at least one idea you can use right now to MAKE MORE MONEY.

To register, click here or copy and paste the link into your browser:

After you register for the webinar; go download a copy of the “Conspiracy Report” from the insurance mavericks.

In this one of a kind industry expose’ the INSURANCE MAVERICKS show you all the “Insurance Villains” out to destroy your income, and teach you how to make millions in commissions without making a single cold call. Go check it out www.insurancemavericks.com.

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