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Higher Commissions, More Often

Who are these guys and why are they following me?

Once again, some marketing gurus are telling me you CAN retain and attract clients without cold calling. Once again, I am skeptical. However....

It is refreshing when someone who works in our industry is providing marketing insights gained in ACTUAL PRACTICE.

Plus, these two young men are the hippest, web-savviest insurance dudes I have run across in a long, long time. Check out the article and the Goldmail on the right side.

Do You Hate The 1 Day Client Syndrome?

by Beach Broker

You've been there...

You spend time, energy and effort to write a policy.

Then tomorrow you move on to write the next new policy...

The next KILL.

That's great, you should always be writing new business. But there's a major problem with this...

In Africa people walk miles and miles to a well to fill baskets with water. They trudge through the sand and heat on a daily basis.

Imagine going to all this effort, only to find out that their baskets have holes in them... and all the water leaked out on the trek back.

It's more than frustrating- it is soul-killing.

Having this happen once is enough to discourage anyone, but imagine having the same thing happen OVER AND OVER again.

Every day you fill up the basket, and walk all the way home, knowing that when you get there, your water is going to be gone!

I'm guilty!

That's the way I used to operate as an insurance agent. This is where the one day client syndrome comes from.

You love your clients on the day you write them, but after that day, you never do anything to make sure they NEVER LEAVE YOU. You ignore them, leaving them vulnerable to the first agent who comes along and lavishes some attention on them.

Forget cross-selling...forget referrals. They're gone, gone, gone, leaked out through the hole you created when you ignored the relationship and focused only on the sale.

The good news is that you can plug the holes in your agency (or basket) using a simple system-a system you will DO EVERY SINGLE month that nurtures ALL your clients and positions you as the trusted expert who is prepared to HELP them overcome their fears and achieve their goals.

This system doesn't need to be flashy or expensive. It just needs to WORK.

My system is a Mass Retention and Mass Commission system. It involves forging a strong, emotional relationship with your clients to the extent that that not only are you no longer invisible to them-they can't take their eyes off you!

The stronger the client relationship, the more referrals, leads, and money you will make. Your commissions will be higher ... and your lifestyle will be better.

How do I know this? Because I figured out the formula in my own book of business .. and then used that exact same formula outside the insurance industry just to see if it would work in another niche.

And you know what? It did. I am not surprised since it is a tested and proven formula. Now, I know others may have spoken to you in the past about creating relationships, but what makes Mass Retention and Mass Commission unique is that it is built upon systems, systems that are easy to implement and which run on autopilot. These are not "theories" developed by some guy with a Harvard MBA. They are real world solutions used by ACTUAL AGENTS and ADVISORS.

I know, I know...

You've heard this kind of talk before. "Just buy my system and you'll start pulling in limitless amounts of qualified leads with little effort."

There are tons of gurus out there promising that, but...

The systems I use are way beyond ORDINARY. They are designed using practical sales and marketing, combined with powerful psychology and persuasion designed to make your clients buy from only you and refer their friends and family just to you.

I personally HAVEN'T MADE A COLD CALL IN YEARS, yet have seen my own commissions increase year after year.

Here are 2 of the 6 principles of the Mass Commission and Retention Blueprint that will help you accomplish your goal of NO MORE COLD CALLS.

1. Create a New Ladder

What does this mean?

It means you MUST BE different than all the other agents out there. If you are a captive agent, you most likely have someone just like you just down the street.

If you're an independent, your prospects and clients still perceive you to be like every other agent, unless you create a new ladder on which you AND YOU ALONE exist. You must change both reality and PERCEPTION in order to thrive in today's tough marketplace.

Every day, your prospects and clients are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages delivered in every conceivable manner. People have become much more adept at tuning out all but the most INTERESTING, UNIQUE messages.

In this noisy, cluttered marketplace it is difficult, even impossible to stand out.

Overwhelmed by the mental clutter, people tend to take shortcuts when they make buying and relationship decisions. If you aren't positioned on the RIGHT ladder with the RIGHT MESSAGE you are doomed to being invisible.

Invisibility is a bad state of being for any business, but it is particularly damaging if you are an agent or other financial consultant. You need to tear away the cloak of invisibility once and for all by positioning yourself as more than a cut above the rest.

How does one accomplish this?

The easiest way is to think about the largest problems your clients deal with in buying insurance or other financial products .

What are their WANTS, THEIR DESIRES, THEIR FEARS? How can you position yourself on the highest rung of a new ladder to help them overcome those problems or fears?

Here's a real world example:

One fear parents have dealing with teenagers is how to add them to their insurance policy. (If you are a parent and have teenagers. you know what I am talking about)

Well, we know, (and have personally helped) many agents position themselves on a new ladder.

I'm not talking about trying to be the #1 insurance agent in their state ... or just another boring agent who looks like every one else, selling the same products and services ... but different and on a new ladder ....

"The Teen Driver Advocate and Specialist Ladder" (This is just one an example of a new ladder you could create)

When parents in your area are looking to overcome their problems and fears about adding their teenage drivers to their insurance policy, you will now come up number one on that ladder. Parents will seek you out since you are the authority on the subject and give you their business.
They will want to do business with you because they perceive you as a SPECIALIST who understands teen drivers better than those other agents.

2. Put personality into your marketing.

I can't emphasize this enough. But using personality to attract involves more than just putting pictures in a newsletter . It means using personality with a purpose. One of the Laws of Persuasion is the Law of Like-ability. Part of being likable is sharing common interests with people. Search for interests that you share with your prospects and clients and highlight these in all your marketing efforts.

You already know that people buy from people they like. You do it yourself.

So why aren't you communicating your own likability to your clients? You should. It's not that hard to do.

You just need to understand who your clients are and start to share common interests you have with them.

I realize that many of you feel this approach just won't work for you. Some of you are also dead-set on doing business as usual because change seems so scary.

I can understand this. But look around- people are flat-out fearful and mistrustful . They're feeling a little ripped off lately and they need and want buying experiences based upon relationships with people they know and like. (and trust).

As someone who is in the business of providing and selling insurance and financial solutions, you should consider yourself in the relationship business.

I was able to increase my own retention dramatically by focusing on putting strategic personality into my marketing. Current members of our Mass Commission program are seeing this work very effectively for them while their competition struggles in the current economy. They "GET IT" and it is making the difference between having to scratch and claw for new clients and having plenty of qualified leads and referrals.

Building and forging strong emotional relationships is the most important thing you should be doing right now and leveraging your own personality strengths is the best way to accomplish this.

I encourage you to take these two success principles and apply them into your business. I did this with my own book of business and I continue to do so with the other businesses I have.

To higher commissions, more often...

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