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Are You On The Right Index?

by Tammy de Leeuw
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Most of you probably don't know the name GARY HALBERT...

But regardless of whether or not you know the his name, I feel confident in saying that you have been influenced by him at some point in your lives.

You see Halbert, who died in 2007, was one of the most prolific and successful ad copywriters in history. Were I to show you some of his work, it would be immediately recognizable to you. You might even say, "Hey, I bought one of those!"

Beyond his gifts as a copywriter, Gary Halbert had a knack for getting to the essence of what makes people tick. In his own inimitable style, Halbert gave us his take on what makes winners and losers in life.

As we get ready to enter 2009, you and I both need to make some critical decisions. We need to ask ourselves "Where do I fit on the "Halbert Index'? And we need to be honest. Time and opportunity race by and they don't even notice you.

Gary used to ask: "Know how to make God laugh?" And his response: "Talk to him about the future."

Here is the Halbert Index. Be sure you are on the winner side when 2009 rolls around.

WINNERS: To be at the top of the Index you must be as follows:

(1) You must have a life, and

(2) You must have a sense of humor, and

(3) You must have intelligence and be an independent thinker, and

(4) You must be a generous and giving person but... at the same time...

(5) You must refuse to take shit from anyone who doesn't have a gun to your head, and

(6) You must be willing to take chances and cheerfully accept losses, and

(7) You must have the capacity and courage for true intimacy with your loved ones, friends... and sometimes... even your associates and strangers, and

(8) You must be wealthy always in your mind... and therefore... very often... in your pocket, and

(9) You must be honest and have integrity not defined by laws but rather, by the inner-core of your being, and finally

(10) You must have a relationship with a higher power (nicknamed "God") that does not necessarily include and/or often transcends any association with an organized religion.

On the bottom of the scale are LOSERS: They too, have some common characteristics:

(1) They are generally spectators instead of players, and

(2) They are usually critics who revel in grading people with whom they can't compete, and

(3) Sometimes, they have financial wealth (most often they don't) but they are

always poor in their minds, and

(4) They get their pseudo self-esteem from the grades given to them by others

and have no innate "sense of being" nor a core of natural integrity, and

(5) They think they have a sense of humor but they don't, since they can only

laugh at jokes made at the expense of others and they always fail to see the

ludicrousness of much of their own endeavors, and

(6) They often have intelligence in a technical way but almost no ability

whatsoever for true independent and innovative thought, and

(7) They lack courage and will study and "rehearse" endlessly but, will avoid

at all costs ever letting the curtain come up... unless... someone else has agreed

to star in the play, and

(8) They don't understand true morality. Therefore, they are much more

concerned with what's legal rather than with what's right, and

(9) They will be as obnoxious and abusive as possible to those under them

but, will kiss ass like crazy to curry favor with their superiors, and finally

(10) Many of them will have college degrees but will never recognize these degrees

as the silly jokes they are... and... they are unable to grasp the vital fact

all true education is self education.

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