Monday, December 8, 2008

Better Than A Beer Bong

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone
Mischief Making Maven At Large

Hello All!

Sorry I left the hamster wheel up for so long but this has been a hectic week for me. In addition to doing things to try and make a living, I also moved out of my luxurious (not!) digs near the railroad tracks in glorious downtown Antioch, aka "Rivertown."

While I am sad to lose my office, I truly will not miss the "Oh, my GAWD!"- steep, creaky staircase, the no-insulation at all walls, and the sounds and vibrations of the Burlington, Northern and Santa Fe as it shrieked past my window. It was a place fit for Bob Cratchett and you can almost imagine me bent over my candle for warmth in the winter and fanning myself with a newspaper on hot summer days.

It is amazing just how much stuff one can accumulate in only 18 months. I found all sorts of interesting and nostalgic items. I hope to pass them on to you in one form or another over the next few months.

Presenting- The Official Grouchy Marketing Lady Website

It is definitely not finished, but it IS LIVE. At your request, I have put together a fully-functional website which I hope you will find interesting and informative. In the coming weeks, look for lots more content and free stuff. Don't forget to sign up for my e-zine.

Find it at:

Virtual Marketing Assistant Program

A while back, I told you about a pilot program I put together to help small business people develop marketing strategies that make sense for their particular situation.

I talked to a lot of advisors and found that many of them wanted to try different kinds of marketing but were afraid to invest the time and money because they felt they just didn't have time to properly implement anything. They (and rightfully so) believe that their time is best spent giving their clients A-class service and not fretting over a direct mail piece or choosing cards to send or gifts, etc.

A lot of you are in what I call the "cusp." You can't really afford a full time assistant or a high-priced "consultant", but you can't make any progress in your marketing on your own. So, things just seem to stay static, and static IS NOT GOOD in business.

That is why I have now opened a few slots for my Virtual Marketing Assistant program. If you feel as if you need additional assistance in formulating and following a marketing plan, call me to set up a time to discuss it. I am already working with a couple of advisors and it is starting to pay off for them. Call the 24 hour hotline:Slide 23

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