Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The King of Copy's Secrets of "Seductive" Sales

editor's note: "The King of Copy", Craig Garber is one of the world's leading authorities on lead generation, both offline and online, and is a master of writing highly effective ad copy. A former CPA and insurance agent, Garber teaches financial services industry professionals and other small business owners, the ins and outs of building a more prosperous business.

by Craig Garber

Seductive Selling Strategy #1:
Attract, don't pursue. Most entrepreneurs are so desperate to find new prospects, they chase down almost anyone with a pulse, who might want to do business with them.

Instead, they need to change their positioning, so they're "attracting"business, not chasing it down. Pretend you're fishing -- when you cast out the right bait, you bring in BUCKETS of fish, but with the wrong bait, you come home empty-handed and frustrated. And what's the best bait to use? Keep reading, you'll find out in just a moment.

Seductive Selling Strategy #2: STOP trying to "convince" prospects they need what you're selling. Let's face it, the convincing business stinks! Making someone "want" to buy something, is like making someone "want" to date you -- it's not natural! But tapping into the existing wants and desires of a marketplace is. You want to find prospects who already want to buy what you're selling, right now, and then simply show them why they should buy from YOU, as opposed to your competition.

This eliminates needless "convincing," because these folks already want to buy. Do this, and you've got it made.

Seductive Selling Strategy #3:

Don't try to appeal to your prospect's sense of intellect in your marketing. Instead, appeal to what's inside their hearts -- what makes them "tick." You see, people make buying
decisions based on emotions, and nothing else. And pushing the right emotional "buy-buttons" gets you invited to the party. THIS is the best "bait" for you to use! Don't try and sell 'em a drink -- get 'em thirsty instead.

Seductive Selling Strategy #4: Contrary to what most people think, when it comes to marketing, it's not all about you! Telling people how great you are, how long you've been in business, or how long you've been in a certain location, only gets you ignored. After all, how do any of these things create value for prospects? But focusing on how you can benefit your
prospects -- this is the unspoken secret ultra-rich entrepreneurs use, to create net worth. Ignore this important strategy, and prospects will ignore you.

Seductive Selling Strategy #5: And lastly, know what you're really selling, and then sell the sizzle, not the steak. Sell the warm sun, white sandy beaches, and the beautiful ocean breeze, not the 9-hour plane flight wedged in cramped seats, sitting next to people with rotten breath and B.O. Paint a picture they want to see.

"Look, selling isn't easy, that's for sure," says Garber. "But by following these basic marketing principles, entrepreneurs attract the kinds of customers and clients they want to work with, and eliminate the tire-kickers and looky-loos who really aren't serious about buying. And for
most entrepreneurs, this is enough to get them fired up and excited about their business once again."

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