Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reality...What A Concept

by Craig Garber
King of Copy.Com

No one wants to do business with some nameless, faceless

Everyone wants to feel "some" kind of a connection to
whoever they're working with, even if it's a perceived
connection and not a real one.


Bottom line is people want to do business with real people.

But almost as important, did you know that making whatever
you're selling real, has a similar impact?

It's true. If you can somehow draw people into your message
by having them visualize themselves using your product,
you're well on your way to making a sale.

Joe Sugarman used to do things like this when he sold
electronic products.

He might say something like, "Pick up this new phone. Feel
how snug and secure it sits right in the palm of your hand.
Run your fingers over all the buttons on the phone and
feel how easy it is to dial all the numbers you want,
quickly and easily. No more rotary dialing that takes
forever, or wrist cramps that linger for hours on end,
after your call."

And you can do this for anything. Let's take something
totally mundane, for instance, like commercial property
insurance. How do you draw people into this, for goodness

The answer is simple, check this out: "Last week, George
Icell's life was destroyed.

You see, George owned Icell's
Warehousing for the last 35 years. Every weekday George
came into the office at 5am, and left at 6pm, like
clockwork, never missing even one day of work during that
time, except for the two weeks he took off for his
Honeymoon back in 1974.

Sadly though, last week George's building was burned to a
crisp. And because he hadn't updated his insurance
coverage in ages... after 35 years of business, Icell's
Warehousing will not be reopening.

George's life will never be the same."

See, there are loads of ways to get your customers and
clients involved in what you're selling. The key is to
stimulate as many senses as you possibly can -- sight,
touch, feeling, smell -- whatever makes sense.

And if you can kick in an emotional component on top of this
(in this case, sadness and regret over the loss), then
you've got it made.

Don't forget this. It's not talked about very often, but
Lord knows it sure should be.

Now go sell something,
Craig Garber

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