Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Get Referrals While You're On Vacation
by David Frey

How would you like to stun, surprise and delight
your friends, business associates and referral


Send them a greeting card that looks like this...

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Pretty cool, huh?

That greeting card was created while on vacation.


The Amazing Power of the "Vacation Card"

One of the coolest ways to delight the people
that know you is to send them a card while
you're on vacation.

How would you feel if you got a card from a
friend or business associate letting you
know that he was thinking about you while
he was on his vacation?

Here's another example of a great vacation card.

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You would probably feel pretty special.

Well, that's exactly what will happen when
you send cards to people while you're out
of town on vacation, just let them know
that you are thinking about them.

Here's a Simple Way to...


Send Your Vacation Card to Hundreds of People...

...With the Simple Push of a Button.

Step 1 Join Send Out Cards (you can send a card for nothing by going HERE)

Step 2 - Snap an exciting digital photo while on vacation

Step 3 - Upload that photo into

Step 4 - Insert a fun message on your card

Step 5 - Save your card

Step 6 - Select your group of friends and attach
that group to your card and push the "send" button.

That's it.

Your card will be printed, stuffed into envelopes,
stamped and sent out in one day!

The function in that allows you
upload and modify photos is called, "Picture Plus."

It is awesome!

Want to see a demo of how Picture Plus works?

It's going to blow you away.

Go check it out at

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Imagine how all your friends will feel...

...when they get your vacation greeting card.

They're going to love you!

This is just one of the many cool things you can
If you want to find out how to sign up for just go to...

Use Code 50147.

(copy and paste the link into your browser)

Have a great day.


PS: Don't forget to watch my LIVE WEBINAR on February 24th where I will discuss the Send Out Cards system in detail and show you, step-by-step how easy it is to create an automated, unique referral system of your very own. If that date is not good for you, register anyway, and we will send you the recording link.
Just copy and paste or click on this link to attend. There is no charge.
PS#2: If you have questions about the webinar or about signing up for Send Out Cards, just call
978-633-7140 Mon-Friday 8AM-3PM Pacific time.

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