Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Secret is NOT In the Follouw Up???

by David Frey
Marketing Best Practices


What do you mean the secret is not in
the follow up?

Listen, you and I know that following up
consistently in a meaningful way IS the
key to establishing long term relationships
of trust.


...carving out the TIME in your busy schedule
to do the follow up!

It's a "TIME" issue. Plain and simple.

You know following up is critical.

You know what things to do to follow up.

You know that following up gets results.


But You Just Have NOT Figured Out...
________________________________________ to find the TIME to do it.

Time is a precious commodity for all of
us and that's why it's so important to
try to find ways to do things more
efficiently and effectively.

So today I want to talk to you about
how to dramatically cut down your time
on following up by...


Automation is the secret key to
following up with people on a
consistent basis.

You've probably heard the old saying


"Humans are Always the Weakest Link..."
__________________________________________ any marketing system

It's true.

If you insert human intervention into a
marketing system, that specific link in
the chain is bound to break down.

That's why you want to automate your
marketing and follow up as much as

And if you've been a reader to this
newsletter for any amount of time, then
you'll know that I personally use to automate my follow up.


Here's How It Works...

In there is a feature
called "Campaigns."

This feature allows you to create a set
of cards and to AUTOMATICALLY send them
out in a pre-determined time sequence.

For instance, let's say you're met someone
at a recent networking meeting and you
want to stay in touch with them and
develop a relationship of trust.

So you decide to set up a "stay-in-touch"
greeting card campaign.

Here's how you do it in


STEP 1 - You choose a card and write a
brief note in it and set it up as a

You set that card to go out immediately.

STEP 2 - You choose a 2nd card and set
it up to go out 30 days after the first

STEP 3 - You do that 12 times to create
a 12 card campaign so that one card goes
out every month.

STEP 4 - When you meet someone, you
enter their name into the contact
manager and then "attach" it to your
new 12 month campaign.

Then you just push the SEND button.

STEP 5 - Rinse and repeat!

This is what it kind of looks like if
you were to draw a graphic of it.

(copy and paste the link into your browser)


* * Follow Up Made Easy! * *

It simply doesn't get much easier than
that. It's the simplest, easiest, and
most impactful follow up system ever

If you truly, deeply, and honestly
believe that following up is one of
the most critical marketing activities
that you can do, then it just makes
sense to use to
automate the process for you.


Do Not Take My Word for It!

If you don't think it works,
just read what Dr. Paul
Graden says...

"Hello, my name is Dr. Paul Graden,
and I am President of Accelerated
Learning Center in Nashville.

A few months ago I was introduced

While I was skeptical, it was very
inexpensive to launch and I loved
the ability to build referral
campaigns for both my students
and prospects.

Our referral rate increased by 39%
within just 6 weeks saving me
thousands of dollars in advertising
and recruitment costs.

It has been 90 days now my referrals
are outpacing my advertising results
by a 10 to 1 ratio!

I could not be more pleased with the
SendOutCards program and highly recommend
it for any business owner looking to
increase their referral base.

Dr. Paul Graden
CEO, Accelerated Learning Center
Nashville, TN

There are hundreds of more comments
like this from people who are using today.

If you're ready to take a personal
walkthrough of the system with me,
please feel call Tammy at
978-633-7140 for a walkthrough
of the system.

Have a great day!


P.S. By the way, if you want to see
a super cool feature of SendOutCards
go and visit...

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