Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grouchy's "Kitchen Sink Kollection"

The Only Time I Will Ever Do This..

As I explained to some of you in a recent email, my annoyance with school fundraising has piqued to the point where I decided to do my own FUNDRAISING EFFORT..

I am calling it "Grouchy's Kitchen Sink" with the lion's share of the proceeds going to my kid's teeny tiny school out in the sticks. They don't get any stimulus or tax funds, so they DO need it..
I just don't feel like selling cookie dough, that's all.

This isn't a trick to try and up-sell you or cross-sell you or lure you into some recurring billing subscription or whatever... it is, like me,


I have opened the Grouchy vaults and am giving you a pile of great marketing stuff- stuff that I could probably sell, piece by piece, for three times what I am asking here.

This is for a great cause, though- keeping me from having to annoy my relatives by foisting tubs of dough on them.

You benefit- because I have gathered together some of the best of my webinars (and 2 brand new ones never before offered to the public) along with links to Goldmails, training, ebooks and lots of other goodies. It's a whole marketing university for less that a month's worth of lattes at your local foo-foo cafe.

I won't do this again... It's too much work for one thing. So, if you want to help yourself AND help out a great cause at the same time, order now!

You Get:

1. 2 "Celebrity Positioning" Webinar recordings with Matthew Sapaula (one of them was a
private presentation never offered before) Matthew, a real agent and up-and-coming
media celebrity is a great presenter and full of insider tips on how to get yourself known.

2. Podcast with Matthew. (my informal interview with Matthew in which he shares how he uses
social media to grow his business and attract the media.

3. Webinar recording: Shama Hyder: Everything You Know About Social Media Is Wrong...
probably. Superb information from a leading authority on using social media to market.

4. Webinar Recording: Making Money in A Market Downturn with Peter Vessenes: Peter shares
his thoughts on why advisors and agents MUST get better at office practices and procedures
in order to make their practices more profitable.

5. "3 Ways You Can Create An Endless Annuity Leadflow"- Private training with Annuity.com's
Bill Broich.

6. (NEW) Katherine Vessenes' webinar on using simple notecards to generate more business.
(available after Thursday, September 24th)

7. David Frey Referral Webinar with Tammy (MP3 and slides)

8. Deltina Hay's Social Media Webinar- awesome "how-to" webinar with social media expert
Deltina Hay.

9. Raleigh Pinskey Secrets of Public Relations interview with Tammy (MP3)

10. NEW! Demystifying Squiddo with Tammy (webinar recording)

$270 worth of webinar recordings...

And.. you also get:

Tammy's EBOOK bag with tons of ebooks and reports, including: Twitter for Beginners,
Unleashing the Idea Virus, The Joy of Squidoo, Micrcontinuity Free report, 1001 Ways to Wow the Media and LOTS MORE.. (even some super secret cool stuff in here!)

Value $100.00 plus!

But, as they say on TV.. I'm not stopping there. I am also sending you links to my 10 minute "juicy bites" Goldmails- stuff you can listen to right away.. short and sweet and easy to digest!

You get the 4 Part Goldmail series on Celebrity Positioning as well as:

3 Must Have Twitter Applications
Marketing on A Shoestring
Marketing With Social Media
How to Use Twitter Hashtags
The NEER Method of Getting Referrals

OK.. so it's a ton of stuff and those of you who have bought marketing stuff online before know that it would cost you a lot more that the $127.00 I am asking.

Not gonna try and upsell you or trick you or even gather your credit card info.

And, it's for a good cause, too. So click the buttton below. As soon as your payment has cleared, you'll get the download instructions.

Thanks for your help and I hope you will use these materials and make piles of money.

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