Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twitter Without Tears (TM) Webinar 1

If you have even thought that Twitter would be a really cool. cheap, way to connect with prospects and clients, but...

you've been afraid that it would take up too much time...

The TWITTER WITHOUT TEARS (tm) Web Class series is for you!

There ARE ways you can automate the Twitter experience...

Some good, some bad.. some in between.

In this 75 minute drill-down, Grouchy shows you three low cost (one is actually NO COST) ways you can improve your traction on Twitter without spending your whole life in front of the computer. (you do enough of that ANYWAY)

You'll learn:

The secret of the CORE FOLLOWER concept and why you must use it if you intend to market on Twitter...

How to grow your followers list EXPONENTIALLY without having to accept every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to tag along with you

How to automatically VET your followers so you get fewer sleazy folks...

Why services that promise you "10,000 followers for $9.99" should be avoided at all costs

How to set up multiple tweets at once and have them broadcast at intervals YOU determine (set and forget..SWEET!)

How to double your followers without getting KICKED OFF or shut down by the Tweet Police...

Which applications are the best for achieving your Twitter goals

Tammy made tons of mistakes when she first started using Twitter, but YOU DON'T HAVE to.

This is a private PAID webinar- part of the GUM Mastermind Series ($27 fee includes all texts and bonuses) that will save you loads of time and frustration)

Twitter: How to Set It And Forget It!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

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