Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Ways to Break Out of the Pack and Attract More Qualified Leads

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

As you can imagine , I hear from advisors and agents every day...

and they are all wondering the same thing:

"How can I generate my own leads and wean myself off those frustrating, expensive "store bought" leads?"

It's the BIG QUESTION on everyone's mind, along with "How can I be super lazy and still make a fortune?" (when I find an answer to that one, I will be sure and let you know...)

Here are a few ways I have found that rich advisors and agents can go from being beggars to being hot commodities, and telling lead companies "SAYONARA."

1. Don't be afraid to try something NEW.

Change can be OH SO SCARY, I know. But if what worked in the past isn't cutting it anymore... why cling to it? That's just NUTS! The good news is that you don't have to play Lone Ranger. It's pretty easy, and I think, necessary to assemble a peer group and get their creative ideas, criticisms, and feedback.

Stop being afraid someone will steal your idea and get advice from someone who is more successful than you. Remember: the idea is just the vehicle: YOU are the real client attractor, so don't worry about your competition. Do things that show off YOU and YOUR strengths and you will make everyone forget those other guys and gals.

2.WOW is the new YAWN

You used to be told to "WOW" your prospects and clients. Bad news: WOW is no longer enough. You have to go way beyond wow and touch, touch, and touch again, and never allow a good lead to fall through the cracks. Email is still useful, and now there is ENHANCED email with bells, whistles and sounc. Try your hand at video email or "voiceover visuals" and you will see your response and retention rates skyrocket.

3. Automate, Delegate, or Die

Top advisors always do what's "closest to cash" and leave the little stuff to their assistants. If you spend half your day chasing down policies, entering in data, or doing other routine tasks instead of loving your clients, you are hurting your bottom line. Hire an assistant, even if you have to hire a virtual one, or find ways to AUTOMATE routine tasks.

4. For Goodness Sake- STAY CONNECTED

You know you need to reach out and touch
your database OFTEN in order to get and keep clients and get referrals. But do you DO IT?

Rich advisors DO... and they reap the benefits.

Top advisors tell me they do a minimum of 15 touches per year for their top clients (some do 2-3 touches per MONTH!) Again, automation plays a key role in doing this successfully and without stress. A system such as Send Out Cards can help as do things like auto responders, surveys, "lumpy" mail, gifts and premiums, and other value items.

5. Stop Slacking and Build Your Referral Business.

Take some time and PLAN OUT the steps you need to take to get more referrals. Getting referrals should be a process, not an afterthought.

You need to perfect the ways in which you get referrals: build templates that make it easy and fast to gather referrals. You can produce materials, such as booklets, reports, and videos that have information your clients can USE and for which they will THANK YOU. (refer you to a friend.)
You can have quarterly or yearly EVENTS and have your clients bring a friend or co-worker. Whatever you do- be CONSISTENT if you want to see real results

6. Hang Around with Winners
Misery loves company, I know. However, "networking" with a bunch of your peers who are as broke (or broker) than you is not conducive to learning the art of success. I am guessing that when Donald Trump wanted a breakthrough in his business, he chose to be mentored and inspired by SUCCESSFUL people, and avoided all the wannabes. Choose the company you keep carefully and their good stuff is sure to rub off on you.


Shamika Rivera said...

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