Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facebook: Useful At Last?

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

Facebook used to be one of my favorite time-sinks.

I avoided household chores by looking for old high school friends, watching silly videos (even posting a few myself) and generally just wasting tons of time.

Then I realized...

This thing COULD eventually become a source of leads for my business.

Facebook truly is the 800 pound gorilla of social media- with over 400 million members and nearly half of those using it on a regular basis.

It is just too big to ignore as a serious source of qualified business leads.

But Facebook is FRUSTRATING. Partly due to the inherent resistance of social media community people to anything even remotely posing as advertising. (They don't want ads and they don't want to pay to use how are these sites supposed to be profitable?)

Also frustrating was the fact that Facebook didn't let you have capture forms or customized pages on it- even on the "fan pages." (So, how were you supposed to gather data in order to contact leads?)

However... An advisor in Southern California turned me on to something called Hubze which promised to turn Facebook upside down and make FAN pages pay off in a big way.

At first, I hesitated to join the beta test. (another gimmick?)

Then, I started to see the potential of this brand new technology to make social media easier and more profitable.

As of this post, HUBZE hasn't even been released to the general public... But I think it is going to be big.

I invite you to try it out before all the other people weigh down the bandwagon.

Here is the link to my personal invitation:

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