Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Social Networking Sites – Why Participate?

by David Foster-Hubze

With the extensive growth of the Internet comes the corresponding explosion of social networking sites. Netizens or those people who involve themselves actively in online social groups, would be most familiar with websites such as facebook, Friendster, and Twitter.

These are sites where people usually share viewpoints, information, opinions and other things that interest them. With these activities, they have transformed the internet from being a simple venue for static information to a dynamic social forum and resource.

But what is it that makes these websites so popular not only among the younger set but with practically all ages, social and geographical groups? Is it because people find like-minded individuals and universally-beneficial information?

Some say that it is because these social networking sites are venues where people “congregate” which means they are intrinsically social. However, this doesn’t fully describe their status since they are more than just sites where people go to for information about other people. They are sites where everyone can share almost all personal issues, their viewpoints, opinions, beliefs and get back the same and more from others. They connect people by any common ground that they find themselves grouped together on.

Social networking sites work because those who participate in them find people with the same passion about certain things in life. Any one purpose will suffice although with these sites, it is easy to formulate and identify one and get people to notice.

People give their attention to those ideas that they find doable within their sphere of influence. And if they find it online on a social networking site, then it can only be for the good of all. It is also not unusual for these online relationships to be transformed into offline connections which continue to prosper and benefit each one.

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