Friday, September 14, 2007

More on "Burn Your Mortgage"

Lots of feedback about the MMA program to save your clients money on their mortgages. Too much to cover in my little blog- just go to a free webinar and learn more. "Papa Bear" posted these comments:

"I cannot stress this enough: if you have an opportunity to go to a presentation about the Money Merge Account, from anyone, anywhere---you should go.

This will be the most important hour you will spend for the next 30 years, and even if you're not will never be able to look at your mortgage the same way again.

I recommend you attend the above events if you are serious about developing true wealth and financial freedom."

God Bless,
Jaime Buckley
Co-Founder of The Jubilee Project


Monday, September 17th 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm (EST) NOTE NEW START TIME!
MMA 100 Presentation for Potential Clients and Agents, with Tom Keener

Panelist(Unmuted) (605) 772-3322, access code 667-205-782
Attendee:(Muted) (605) 772-3434, access code 438-668-985 register go to:
Webinar ID: 534234489

Tuesday, September 18th 2:00 – 3:00 pm (EST) * A Must For Recruiting Professionals, with Peter Celnecker

Attendee: (605) 772-3434, access code 488-786-322
To register go to:

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Anonymous said...

You can also participate in live on line MMA webinars by contacting Steve Brown at or by calling 1800-338-7156.