Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wealthy Producer.Com- Something New Under the Sun?..NOT!

So many people are sending this to me asking "What is
Is this something new?" PEOPLE- read these things all the way through!

The laid-back producer with his hands behind his head- DOESN'T THAT
LOOK FAMILIAR? The hyped up copy promising a life of abundant leads
and unrelenting sloth? Smells like Kleinspirit... Yes, these are the same
old worn-out Internet leads discussed on and

Like a veteran fashionista who can spot fake Louis Vuitton luggage
from a mile away, advisors ought be able at this point to spot the work of or
whatever they call themselves now and stay away.
Let's not get sucked into the quick fix black hole anymore.

Perhaps if you spend your marketing dollars to find ways to provide
more value to your existing clients you will increase your
referability and GET MORE CLIENTS. (and usually the right kind of clients, too.)

Senior Leads: Meet the Richest Seniors in America!


There are a few smart advisors that have delegated their prospecting to the Internet.

Everyday, the Internet will find new prospects for you that provide their personal information: name, address, email address and phone.

They even specify their area of financial interest: annuities, IRA distributions, LTC, Mutual funds, financial planning or tax reduction.

Attend the 30 minute demonstration and see how you can use the Internet to prospect for you

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Wealthy Producer

Use the Internet to Gain New Clients
The Internet will prospect for you 24/7

When you have a automated prospecting system, new clients are easy to obtain

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End your prospecting drudgery!

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