Sunday, September 9, 2007

Money-Making Ideas From Around the Country

Making Money by Getting Rid of Client Debt

Sonny Goldfin invites anyone with an interest in learning about a way to help your clients go into retirement DEBT FREE to attend a special webinar on September 10th. If you cannot attend but would still like information, please email me at and I will send information. I am not involved with this group yet, but from all indications, I definitely WANT to be

Introduction to the Money Merge Account.

Monday 9/10/07 @ 8pm (Central) 7pm (Mountain)
For Video:
For Audio: (605) 772-3434 Access Code 183-872-440#
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MMA 100 - Introduction to the Money Merge Account
Wednesday 9/12/07 @ 11am (Central) 10am (Mountain)
For Video:
For Audio: (605) 772-3434 Access Code 623-763-397#

Scott Brooks of ROLLOVER tells me the training he provides is helping advisors
loosen the vise grip of the no-load record keepers. Advisors learn insider secrets which level the playing field when going after lucrative rollover accounts. As always FAN readers get a discount- just mention FAN or put the FAN code in the box when you order.

If you have something you are doing (it doesn't have to be related to financial services-just to helping people) and you think others can benefit- email me at I will check it out and if I think it has some merit- I will post it here. You never know who you will meet through FAN.



Anonymous said...

There are a number of these groups popping up. I check out a few and ended up getting United First Financial's MMA. And now I'm leaving my job with Hewlett-Packard as a Global Product Life-cycle Manager, selling the MMA full time. If the financial markets catch the vision of this product they will see that it will change the way mortgages are looked at in the near future.

Papa Bear said...

I cannot stress this enough: if you have an opportunity to go to a presentation about the Money Merge Account, from anyone, anywhere---you should go.

This will be the most important hour you will spend for the next 30 years, and even if you're not will never be able to look at your mortgage the same way again.

I recommend you attend the above events if you are serious about developing true wealth and financial freedom.

God Bless,
Jaime Buckley
Co-Founder of The Jubilee Project