Thursday, March 13, 2008


by Sid Walker

Selling Without Wrestling

I decided to update my brain on the latest material out on the

Law of Attraction this year and it has been interesting. I have

heard it all before so I was interested to see what would stand

out for me this time.

As I review the CDs, DVDs, books, etc., that are available;

I am struck by a couple of things.

First, that our ability to create what

we want in our lives is much more powerful than we

realize and that our ability to manifest what we want in our lives is as much

the result of our mental focus as our hard work.

I am equally amazed at the power of the intellect to take away our natural

ability to create simply by our thoughts. I love the idea that whatever we

sincerely desire is immediately on its way to us.

I love the idea that absolutely everyone is going to get whatever they

ask for because we live in an unlimited Universe. But there is the catch.

You get what you ask for

to the degree that you don't have any thoughts that are

in opposition to what you have asked for.

Now this sounds simple enough. If I need more money,

I ask for more money. Or whatever it is you want more

or less of. What I have realized for myself is that I have had

a lot more thoughts that were in opposition to my request from

the Universe than I was aware of.

The intellectual part of my brain is very adept at keeping track

of all the things that need to be fixed in my life. I can tell you

very quickly what I don't like and what I don't want.

This all sounded ok to me until I started to look at the impact

that this way of thinking was having on my ability to attract

what I have asked for.

By thinking that I need money, even though totally logical,

I am sending the wrong message out into the others. If I think

that I need money, what I get back is a need for money

(no matter how much I make)!

It is much more effective to consistently envision the money you want

flowing into your life or into your bank accounts than thinking about

how much money you need to make everything work. A small

difference maybe but huge in terms of what happens to our ability

to pull in the money or whatever else we want to attract.

Here is a mental focus for the rest of March

(which is really the beginning of the new year in ancient calendars).

Think only good thoughts about the things you want.

Give as little attention as possible to your list of all the

things that are wrong or that need to be fixed. Also,

when you start to feel the slightest negative emotion,

think only good thoughts about the things you want!

This approach is embarrassingly simple. But since it has been

working for me and my coaching clients, I wanted to share it with

you. Let me know what happens.

Have a prosperous March,

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