Friday, July 4, 2008

Event Marketing- It Can Pay Off In A Big Way!

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

"I got to meet with a businessman I never would have met otherwise," enthused advisor STAN J. of the St. Louis area.

Stan participated in RAY VENDETTI's event marketing webinar last May. Not content to just say "Show me!"- he went out and scheduled himself for two events shortly after the webinar.

Stan took Ray's ideas and (gasp of disbelief!) DID SOMETHING with them, something that resulted in leads and appointments galore. He phoned me prior to the first event and we went over the checklist together in detail. Stan didn't want to overlook even the minor details- SMART GUY!

He also did what I encourage ALL of you to do- he took the ideas he learned on a webinar and put his own unique spin on them. In other words, he made these golfing events into a "Stan Brand," and came up with some ways to make himself into a PROSPECT MAGNET. A crucial element in his success was him going out of his way to make sure everyone HAD FUN.

"The results were great. I generated tons of warm leads- the kinds of people I want to do business with and I am still making appointments. Also, we had a great time!" he said.

Stan's dedication to making his the EVENTS TO TALK ABOUT in the community paid off in other ways as well. It got him free publicity, positioned him as entertaining and fun guy, and paved the way for him to be INVITED to do these events at other venues.

See folks- if you actually APPLY some of the knowledge you take in, if you DO the things you are asked to do and make a commitment- you can get some pretty sweet results.

To paraphrase Jim and Travis of Gravitational Marketing. " The REAL secret of the Law of Attraction is the action part." Don't just be hearers, be DO-ERS as well.

If you would like to find out more about event marketing, or if you missed Ray's presentation and want to get yourself a copy, call 978-633-7140. Leave your FULL contact information, including daytime phone number and I will call you.

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