Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grouchy's Value Meal

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone
Grouchy Marketing Lady.Com

"Thatsa A- One Spicy Meatball!"

Many have commented, and a few have complained, about my apparent attention deficit disorder.

I mean, I seem to go from one binge to another, bringing you a continuous stream of information about all manner of things related to sales and marketing. However, rest assured dear fellow entrepreneurial adventurers, there IS a method to my madness. Besides, variety is the spice of life, isn't it?


Don't Know Much, But What I Do Know IS...

There are a number of genuine experts in the marketing world, as well as a lot of wanna-be's. "Ye shall know them by their hype." I don't consider myself an expert in anything other than finding connections, often between seemingly incongruous ideas, methodologies, and systems. As author and lecturer James Burke says, "There is always a connection but, if the link has never been made before, nobody knows its there." Right on- JAMES!

And in the more recent words of comedian Ellen Degeneres, "My point, and I DO HAVE ONE, is..."

GrouCHY-Harmony: For Advisors and the People Who Want to Love Them

They love your wallet sure, they love funneling away bits of your commission checks, but do they really care if you get anything out of the experience? Are these experts willing to do what it takes to ensure that when advisors buy their products and services that they get AT LEAST what they paid for (and hopefully a lot more)?

Ignore your mother: BE A TATTLETALE

I have an understanding with anyone with whom I choose to enter into an affiliate or partner system: If they do not fulfill their promises and obligations to anyone referred by me, I will cease doing business with them that minute unless they make it right. PERIOD. It's not about money- it's about the more valuable commodity of reputation and trust.

That said, if you have any problems (no issue is too small) with anyone to whom I referred you, please send a detailed email outlining the issue to I promise to do whatever it takes to make it right, up to and including opening my industrial sized can of WHOOPASS, if necessary.

The Rule of Thirds Is At Work: Just Ask Britney Spears

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, my buddies at Gravitational Marketing, talk a lot about the "rule of thirds." Simply stated, the rule of thirds is that one third of your intended audience will love you, one third will hate you, and another third will tread the thin line between love and hate. I have had to learn to be somewhat impervious to the slings and arrows of the third who hate me. I have learned the hard what that trying to be all things to all people is really a Sisyphus kind of endeavor- laborious, stress-producing, and an endless source of frustration. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Even financial advisors need to know how to use the rule of thirds to avoid becoming as imbalanced as Britney Spears on Red Bull and vodka.

Referral Reluctant? I Have A Plan

I mentioned before that I was working on a STOP (Stay in Touch or Perish) program. Well, leg one was launched yesterday when I introduced 100 of you savvy people to the possibilities of the Ultimate Referral System at the David Frey/Sid Walker referral webinar. This is way cool and if you have a desire to AUTOMATE the referral process in a creative, fun way- check out

Or: download my "How in the World Do I Get More Referrals?" Goldmail. It will give you some good ideas and it is only ten minutes long. Be sure your speakers or headphones are connected.

There will be two more LEGS of the STOP program- to be announced. But, you can get a pre-launch jump on the other advisors by emailing at You'll be added to the short list of BETA TESTERS at a better than retail price point.

ciao for now,


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