Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grouchy's Referral Kick..

Tracking Down the Good Stuff- It's Grouchy, MD (Marketing

Submitted for your approval, the latest GOLDMAIL on referrals:
"Six Ways to Increase Your Referability"

Get it at:

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Also, don't forget:

Sid Walker

Sales Performance Coach
Sid Walker
will host Referral Marketing Guru:
David Frey

Join us for this
LIVE 90-Minute Webinar

David Frey

Thursday, August 7, 2008

12pm PT/AZ
1pm MT 2pm CT 3pm ET

Cost $79.95 FREE! with VIP Code: 50147

YES, I want to STOP begging for referrals and START getting all the referrals I can handle! VIP CODE 50147

By attending this webinar, you will learn...

New ways to get more referrals easily and inexpensively that result in new income.

How to get people sending you referrals without having to ask for them face to face.

Quick and inexpensive ways to have more "touches" with clients and centers.

How to automate and streamline your referral marketing efforts so you can put in less time for much bigger results.

PLUS... Following the discussion of best referral strategies, we will demonstrate an automated system that will put your referral marketing on automatic pilot!

If you're serious about getting more referrals, and spending as little time and money as possible to do it, this webinar will be well worth your time!


VIP CODE 50147

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To attend this webinar for FREE you need a VIP Code, which is 50147

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