Saturday, July 21, 2007

Horsesmouth-What I Am Trying to Do- But Better

I first became aquainted with HORSESMOUTH when I worked for a financial services marketing company. Recently, a friend of mine got a free trial and sent me some excellent articles. I went to the site myself and discovered a wealth of useful information, such as I have tried to provide on the blog. My goal, as always is to negotiate special pricing for FAN readers. Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy some of the articles HR sent me. Find a topic you like- copy and paste the link or use the hyperlink. Articles are printable, so if you don't have time to read them all today-save them or print them. GOOD STUFF!

Getting to 'Yes' With Older Clients
Older clients make decisions largely on the basis of intuition and gut reaction. Here's how you can tailor your presentations to gain their approval.

What to Do With All Those Financial Records

When a family member dies, the organization of financial records and personal information can suddenly become critically important. Make sure your clients are prepared.

7 Ways to Protect Your Clients' Assets

A client can spend his entire career accumulating assets--and then lose them in one nasty lawsuit. Take action now to help clients shield their assets from creditors, as well as from excessive taxation.

Income Shifting

1: Basic Techniques

Transferring assets to family members with ease involves choosing the technique that works best for your client.

Estate Planning Isn't Just for the Wealthy client's estate could get hit with a big posthumous tax bill if you don't help with planning today.

Case Study: How a Country Club Niche Yielded Big Assets (great article on niche marketing!-td) financial advisor Charles Kochel immersed himself in a local country club, but didn't stop at just the golf course. See how he established several lucrative micro-niches--all centered around his clients' pastimes.

9 Ways to Convey Credibility to Clients know you're trustworthy--but with corporate crooks making headlines daily, you might want to make sure your clients do, too.

4 Low-Key, Sincere Prospecting Strategies great thing about these approaches is that they help you get business by doing things you probably do anyway! Add a pinch of business finesse to your daily routines, and you'll find you're effortlessly generating prospects.


James said...

has anyone purchased annuity appts. from

the avg. cost is $58 per appt

please post or reply any comments

ToddV said...


I haven't used them, but I may give them a shot with 5 or 10 appts just to see if they are real... I wonder, do you know if they will schedule appts to the office instead of doing them in the prospect's home??