Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pause for Your Comments And Suggestions

Before I resume the CRM series with more input from Pareto and others, I wanted to post some emails regarding lead systems , marketing, and other valuable services in hopes that some of you might have useful information or input to assist these folks.-td

"Johnnie" asks about Dean Cipriano...

hi tammy,
great site...what a clearing house of ideas. has anyone tried Dean Cipriano's stuff?


I have heard of Dean several times but have had no real feedback. If anyone has a personal story to tell, successful or not, please email me at

"Chris" in Idaho comments:

What ever you do, let people know to be very aware of APEX Leads from
Florida. They sold my leads several times and a new employee let it slip
that my confirmed leads had already been sent out to XYZ Agency.

I got a refund, but only after a registered letter canceling the order, weekly
phones calls and my announcement to them of who my attorney was followed by
the dated documentation of the events.

They sent me my check. Total time allocated to this issue was two and a half months.

I have recently purchased leads from Choicepointe. Have there been any
issues with this company?

Is Choicepoint one of the good guys or not? Please post or email feedback. Any experiences with APEX leads out there?

"Todd," who I know to be a class act- offers up an interesting add-on service to clients.
What do think of this? Since they are only about an hour away from me, I will definitely check this out a little further. But, since I know Todd to be an upstanding gentleman, I don't mind passing this along for comments and review.


One of the services that I've been able to offer my clients is the ability to create and update living trusts... To be clear, I'm not an attorney (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night ;-), so I don't actually advise on whether or not a trust is actually needed... That is always done by a qualified attorney. However, I have been able to help my clients through this process because of a great service offered by a company called Attorney's Trust Services ( in San Ramon, CA...

Here's how the process works:

1. Using ATS's data input forms, I gather critical information from the client

2. The client signs an agreement with an attorney (recommended by ATS)

3. I send the data input forms, attorney agreement and a check (made payable to the attorney) for $695 (the check is, of course, written by the client) to ATS so that they can coordinate everything with the attorney...

The attorney will contact the client directly to confirm all of the data provided in ATS's data input forms and a few weeks later, a living trust, pour-over will, power of attorney, etc are sent to my office so that the client can sign for their new trust. I don't add any additional fees to this process, but many people will also have the client write them a check for anywhere from $300 to $1000 for their services so that they are making a profit on the transaction. Since I am a Registered Rep and I have the necessary licenses to charge "fees for service"/"wrap account" fees, I don't feel the need to charge additional fees for this service...

In any case, the documents that the client receives are of the highest quality, so I give these folks an A+ rating!!! Here is their contact info:

Attorneys Trust Document Service, Inc.
111 Deerwood Road, Suite #375
P.O. Box 2090
San Ramon, CA 94583
(800) 341-4449 (Tel)
(925) 743-9259 (Fax)


Todd V

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Todd V said...


Yes, I've used Cipriano's materials for the past several years and I believe them to be of high quality... However, all of his stuff is really aimed at the insurance/annuity crowd, so if you are a registered rep, be prepared for a long compliance road ahead (I speak from experience on this one ;-)... It's not impossible to get his stuff through compliance, but changes will need to be made...

In my opinion, the best part of Cipriano's system is how much he emphasizes standardizing your processes so that you can set yourself apart from the competition with your follow-through and attention to detail. By following his step-by-step approach (and he spells it out in painful detail), you will be able to keep track of where you are achieving success and where things are falling apart so that you can take effective corrective action (this is where using some sort of CRM like paretosystems can be of value)...

The person that I dealt with there is Kim Peterson... She's a straight shooter and won't try to sell you a bunch of stuff that you don't need...

One last note... I've used both his direct mail and newspaper insert approaches to generating leads and they both worked for me... However, to achieve success with either approach, you need to follow his post-lead instructions to the letter... If you deviate from his instructions, your results will likely not be very good.


Todd V

p.s. Tammy, thanks for the kind words about me being a 'straight shooter' ;-)