Monday, July 23, 2007

Water Cooler Talk

Postmark Direct- RIP?

It appears that Postmark Direct, one of the bigger players in the direct marketing business, has closed its doors.

Reliable industry sources tell FAN that Postmark Direct, long rumored to be on life support, is officially dead. FAN attempted to contact Postmark Direct's Houston headquarters numerous times for a statement but no one is picking up the phone there. Our emails have also gone unanswered.

This is bad news for anyone who is currently a client and may have items pending. If you or someone you know is a client of Postmark Direct and is left in the lurch, Seminar Direct is offering you special assistance and superior service to get the job done. Contact Tina Dixon for more information and be sure you mention the FAN blog to get VIP treatment. 888-629-1919.

Posted on Mon, Jul. 23, 2007
Legal Headaches for Allianz and More Bad PR for Annuities

Dan Margolies of the Kansas City Star reports on the massive lawsuit in motion for Allianz

A massive case over annuities marketed by Allianz Life Insurance Co. will proceed as a class action following a recent ruling by a federal appeals court.

In a one-line order earlier this month, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the insurance giant’s request to appeal the trial court’s certification of the case as a class action.

Some estimates of the number of people who bought the annuities in question from Allianz and make up the class exceed 400,000.

Although the case was filed in Minneapolis, where Allianz is based, it was initiated in February 2006 by a retired school nurse in Lenexa, ..."

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ToddV said...


This story underlines why I decided to do all of my own postcard mailings for seminars, client appreciation, client info, etc...

I originally decided to take this on myself after having a fairly bad mailing with the former NFCom's seminar mailing service (fortunately, I was able to convince them to give me my money back)

I have my own bulk mail certificate, I use a 3rd party to print the postcards and mail them to me, and I get the names for mailing from a company in Florida that uses someone other than InfoUSA for leads (I also contract directly with TeleDirect so that they handle all of the inbound reservation calls)...

When it is all said and done, I am able to get this done for under 28 cents per invitation... Could I have someone else do it for me? Sure... Would it cost more?? You bet...

However, the main reason that I decided to take this on myself is that I never wanted to be in a position where I wasn't going to be able to do a seminar mailing simply because I was getting shafted by a vendor (or a vendor went out of business).

Todd V