Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally, I found a REAL System for Making Milion Dollar Producers

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

IF YOU ARE like me, you get tons of emails and snail mail promising to take your sow's ear of a practice and turn it into a silk purse full of cash and unending referrals.

So powerful is the siren's song of endless clients, buckets of money, and leisurely days on the yacht that most of us find it hard to run away from the tainted apple being offered.

This explains why there are so many hucksters out there promoting this or that program to


Although I am no longer in production myself, I still receive loads of promises from wannabe gurus and self-styled (and high-priced) mentors wanting me to advertise them on the blog or wanting to "borrow" my subscriber list (which I absolutely refuse to do).

All of them are going to MAKE ME RICH. (uh huh, yeah.. and Diet X will make put me in a size 2 bikini, uh huh.)

I am picky. With few exceptions, every single person and company who has appeared on this blog is someone I sought out myself and asked for PERMISSION to promote them. Then, if and only if they feel they have gotten value from me, they can give me enough to cover the costs associated with the webinar. Why am I so fussy?

Because..the last thing the financial services world needs is another bad seed pitchman masqerading as an educator, another huckster interested only in sucking out money from the wallets of unsuspecting advisors and agents. And please, if ANYONE on this blog doesn't give you the service and value they have promised- please tell me so I can dust off my big old can of "Texas Woman Whoop A**"

I am, therefore, pleased to announce that I have found a real system to build you a better business, with REAL coaches and consultants who have actually been in financial services -not some actors with scripts, but genuine professionals who have a vested interest in your success and will stop at nothing to get you there. Provided, of course, you yourself are SERIOUS about becoming a top producer.

Tofu and Pseudo-Psychology Strictly Prohibited

A lot of what passes for education coming from the mouths of tired old windbags
is content-light psychobabble decorated with meaningless flow charts, augmented with the ubiquitous powerpoint, and bundled together in cutesie binders. It makes pretty paperweights and doorstops. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to see past the hype and find stuff THAT WORKS.

So, you can imagine my great joy in discovering VESTMENT ADVISORS, a company so full of integrity and honesty that when I spoke with the CEO on the phone, a wave of it flowed into my office and caused me to throw away my fake Coach cellphone case in a fit of guilty conscience.

Peter and Katherine Vessenes may not be household names yet, but they will be pretty soon.

Some of you know them from Broker Dealer Magazine or Horsesmouth or from speaking engagements and training sessions they may have conducted at your company.

After mercilessly grilling both Katherine and Peter, I can say with confidence that "If I ever grow up- I want to be like them!"

If the Vessenes ran the country, it would be efficient, profitable and a fun place to work and live. Katherine would make sure the White House got a makeover and that everyone in Congress would be be honest, law-abiding citizens and nice folks or else they would be gone. There would be maybe three or four left after the House cleaning. Peter would fire all the deadbeats...well maybe not all of them at once.

I am looking forward to a webinar with the overachieving Vessenes team in the near future. In the meantime, be sure to check out their website.



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