Thursday, November 15, 2007

Build Your Brand-One Step At A Time

More good advice from MARK SATTERFIELD of Gentle Rain Marketing. Download the full report at:

...So what are the steps you should take to build your brand?

  • Determine precisely who you want to target.
Make sure this includes both those that can actually hire you as well as those
who are a part of the prospective client’s inner circle. Not surprisingly this
is the easiest step.
  • Determine what your message is.
Not surprisingly, this is the most difficult step in the process. Your message
needs to focus on the benefit(s) that clients get from hiring you. For firms that
offer multiple services developing the Umbrella Branding Theme can be a challenge.
But without a clear, concise and succinct message, the odds of building a recognizable brand
are slim.
  • Determine how you are going to communicate the strategy.
There are a number of options at this point. What’s best for you will depend
in large part on who you are targeting.

The most important point when developing the implementation campaign is
that each component link with the next.
  • Maintaining brand awareness.
The ongoing communication is where most campaigns ultimately fall short.
The key is consistent messages of relevance and interest.

Although most everyone understands this on an intellectual level, actually
implementing a system to ensure it takes place often falls into the category
of good intentions not fulfilled...

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