Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Mighty Minute From Christine Comaford-Lynch

FIRST, let me stand up and say, "Hello everyone.
My name is Christine Comaford-Lynch, and I'm a control
freak."(Everyone in unison, "HELLLOOOOO CHRISTIIIINE.")

Seriously, I've been a control freak all my life. The
more I tried to hold it all together, the more it fell
apart. It's taken me literally decades to learn what I'm
good at and what I stink at. So what's the verdict?

--I'm a builder, not a maintainer.
--I'm a marketer, not a manager.
--I'm a salesperson, not a bean counter.

Time to face facts: You won't be good at everything.
In fact, at some things you'll be downright dreadful.

But guess what? That's okay.

Take it from someone who knows. If you don't do something
well, don't hide it or defend it. It wasn't until I learned
this simple truth that I started recovering from my control

Your time is too valuable to waste doing things you don't
enjoy or aren't good at. Use your lack of skill as an
opportunity to find someone to fill the gap. Bring in the
talent that you don't have. And remember--it's also okay
to have limits.

I wish someone would have told me all this before I grabbed
the reins as a CEO or a venture capitalist. Sure, I was a
star performer, but I burned myself out in the process.

Of course, when I finally did let loose of my iron grip
on the reins, I made yet another set of mistakes: I
repeatedly hired the wrong business partners and executives.

Why? One word: fear.

Fear of losing control and trusting others. Fear of failure.
And worst of all, fear that I wasn't doing enough good in
the world and that I'd die without having made a significant

Needless to say, these ill-fated partnerships didn't last
long. But I learned from my mistakes. The bottom line is
to not let your fear or inner critic stop you.

So this week, I want you to write down 3 things that you
love and/or excel at in your business, and 3 things that
you fall short in or don't have any interest in.(Be honest
with yourself.) Then look into finding people to fill
those gaps.

And if you do try and fail, pick yourself up and keep
moving forward!

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