Saturday, May 24, 2008

All Along the Blogtower

by Tammy de Leeuw
Editor-In-Chief and Grand "Poohbah"

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our second Masters and Mentors web class with Ray Vendetti on May 20th . Ray provided an in-depth, fluff-free look at how to do three different types of fun, non-seminar events that can generate qualified leads.

If you missed the presentation and still want to know how to do events that attract clients and get you lots of attention, you can purchase the program. Send an email to to find out more.


Christine Comaford Lynch is extending her webinar offer for the upcoming Rules for Renegades Summit in Southern California June 6-7.

Register now and use code TDLRFR and your deposit to attend is only $25!
Find out more about the summit at:

S.T.O.P (Stay in Touch or Perish) Beta Test Launch

With some encouragement from my advisor friend mentor (TV- The Masked Advisor) and my Gravitational Marketing "BOYZ" Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, I am beginning phase one of what I hope will be "DA STUFF" in drip marketing.

The STOP program is "combination therapy" designed to: increase client retention and keep your expensive seminar leads from falling through the cracks by turning them into clients.

Think 4-6 "touches" is enough to keep your A-level clients happy or turn a high net worth prospect into a client?

Recent research indicates otherwise. A-level clients expect 20-30 touches per year from their advisors and affluent prospects usually need to hear from you at a half dozen times before they even consider hiring you.

STOP is A SYSTEM which will employ customized versions of time-honored stay in touch techniques such as cards, letters, and phone calls to your key clients and desirable prospects.

STOP also has a proprietary survey designed to give you an accurate picture of how you are doing as an advisor. I have used this survey several times with great results. People love to give their opinions and clients appreciate advisors who make an effort to ask for them. The survey is also a natural lead-in to making appointments and asking for referrals.

There will be a LOT more to this system and I am working with advisors, agents, and vendors to create something which is COST EFFECTIVE, DUPLICATABLE, WORRY-FREE and most importantly, something that WORKS.

If you are interested in becoming part of the STOP beta test team and having the chance to help create a unique and effective client retention system, email your contact information to: Please put STOP program in your subject line.

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