Saturday, May 31, 2008

Make Marketing Easier - Define Your Target Market

Many coaches, consultants and other service professionals have told me that they work with everybody. They feel that the easiest way to market is to market to everyone. If they define a target market, they told me, it will become much harder to market and get clients.

The truth is exactly the opposite. When you define a target market, it actually becomes easier to market your business. This is because when you have a target market and market to a specific group of people you are going to market to fewer people, but get many more clients. Let's look at how to make your marketing easier by defining your target market:

- Get People To Recognize Themselves In Your Marketing Materials. Let's say you are a coach working with busy mothers, helping them becoming less overwhelmed with their responsibilities and finding time for themselves.

If your marketing piece starts by saying: "Are you overwhelmed by having to do it all -- work, run the house and spend time with your children and husband?" busy mothers will recognize themselves immediately.

Once a busy mother recognizes herself and realizes that you are the expert who can help her, it will be much easier to sell your coaching services. This is because people don't want to work with someone who works with everyone. They want to work with a coach who specializes in helping people just like them. A busy mother would much rather work with a Busy Mother's Coach than with a Life Coach whose target market is everyone.

It will be much easier for you to get clients by defining a target market and having the members of your target market recognize themselves in your materials.

- Become An Expert In Your Field. It is very hard (and nearly impossible) to become an expert for everyone. This is because an expert helps people solve their problems. If you work with everyone -- how can you be seen as an expert? Different people have different problems, and it is impossible to become an expert at solving all of them.

However, if you have a specific target market you work with, it is much easier to become an expert at solving the problems that your target market experiences. Once you are seen as an expert, it becomes much easier to market. Everyone wants to work with an expert, so once you are an expert, your clients will seek you out instead of you looking for clients.

- Re-use Your Materials. Your target market consists of similar people with similar issues and similar questions. Once you have worked with enough people in your target market, you will see that you can use similar ideas and information to help them. Because of this you will be able to create business materials such as questionnaires, worksheets, idea lists, white papers, audio recordings and reports, and reuse them for different clients.

Creating materials you can reuse with different clients will make working with clients easier and more profitable. After some time you will be able to turn the materials into stand-alone products that you can sell, creating passive revenue for your business.

As you can see, defining a narrow target market for your business helps you simplify your marketing, become an expert in your field and create passive income streams. Need help defining a target market for your business?

About the author: Biana Babinsky is the online business expert who teaches coaches, consultants and other service professionals how to define an effective target market for their business. Get her audio recording, How To Find A Profitable Target Market (Or Niche) For Your Business at and find a profitable target market for your business!

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