Thursday, June 28, 2007

Contest! Looking for Seminar Horror Stories..

"Thank you..thank you very much for inviting
me to your senior seminar.."

Moving away from the news and into more "fun" territory: I would like to encourage the same kind of animated participation in this blog as I got with

After all, I started FAN at the behest of one of my SBL readers who suggested having a place where advisors could recommend new marketing products, client retention strategies, seminar systems, lead generation services, and other information relative to growing a thriving practice.

A hot topic these days :"Are Seminars Still A Viable Marketing Strategy?" I would love to hear your most entertaining stories of seminar disasters, near-disasters, hilarious question and answer sessions, etc.

Who was the weirdest "prospect" who ever came to a seminar? Ever have pesky equipment problems? Crossed signals at the restaurant? Serve beef brisket to a group of vegetarians? Best joke you ever told (clean, please- LOL!)

Before we get into the meat of what works and doesn't work in marketing financial services these days, let's have a bit of comic relief.

I will of course, keep it anonymous.

1st Prize for the best story is : $20 gift certificate to Starbucks and a book from my personal marketing library (my choice- but it will be a good one, I promise.)

2nd Prize: Copy of "Thriving Office" ( CD- to make your office sound like a big shot's office should..

Send your entries to:
or post them here.

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